Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Panic Time

This was the last big weekend left to shop for Christmas presents. If you are a 9 - 5 Mon through Friday working soul then this was it for you to get out there and get your gifts. Well, Saturday morning was my time to get out there. I may not be getting a paycheck and paying in to Uncle Sam, but I'm working everyday taking care of Dear Bebe. So, Dear Hubs said "get er done" and I didn't waste a second before heading out.

There was no way I was heading to a mall. Forget it. Not around here. I still haven't really seen the economy woes here in our area like I've been hearing about on the news. Restaurants are still packed, there's an hour wait usually, and you can't find a parking spot. And if you do, there's a three car line up and a war about to be waged for it. WOW! This really makes me think the internet is the perfect choice. I did shop a lot on the internet but there were a few things I needed to get in person.

Out into the maddening crowd, forging my way through in my car like an army tank. Really. It was literally more like the maddening traffic. You could tell people were just crazy, pointing their cars in any direction like maniacs. PANIC had set in. You could see the look of fear on their faces because Aunt Sue or little Tommy wasn't going to get that last Isotoner slipper or Chia pet. The rush was ON. And I decided it was time to get in defense mode or I was never going to make it back home without a major dent in my car. And that's when I realized all I wanted to do was get back home to my Dear Bebe.

I did manage to get a few of the things I needed but all of a sudden these things didn't seem so important anymore.

Oh how motherhood changes things.

That is, until when Dear Bebe turns 5 and just has to have the latest toy. Then I suppose I'll put the armor back on and head out into battle. Wish me luck.


Connie said...

Yes, my sweet new momma chick, isn't it amazing how bebes change us. We don't wanna leave them anymore. She is certainly a beauty.......

kab said...

I have news for you Sista, the latest toy thing happens WAY before five!!! :) But you still have time!

Jillian said...

That made me laugh right out loud, Dear Sista! Thanks for letting me know! Oh dear.

Rue said...

Oh Jillian.. that sweet baby is so cute. I wish her the sweetest of Christmases with her new mommy and daddy :)

Thank you for sharing your life with us sweet friend!

Merry Christmas hugs,

Ms.Daisy said...

Sista is right on! You'll be pointing your car in any direction, too, just to get Dear BeBe EXACTLY what she wants! LOL! I should know, huh? Love you girls and now another wee little girl to love!


Mary said...

Hello Jillian, Thank You for stopping by. Oh My,that Sweet Precious thing has grown and she is Beautiful. Those cheeks look like they could use lots of Christmas kisses. They always smell so Sweet:) Bebe will love all the lights and tissue paper:)
I hope you and Hubby have a Blessed and Wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.Love and Hugs Mary:)
p.s. I too hate the mall.

Kat said...

Congratulations you made it^^
Yeah it sounds pretty familiar.
It's the same here in Germany, but I mangaged to get all the gifts until last Tuesday. And I even had to buy gifts for my Mom's birthday today oh my gosh :-P

MJ said...

Bebe looks so sweet!

Based on my children and my ongoing social experiment with them, we've avoided the "gimme"s (and at least avoid a few years of the Christmas hassles) by avoiding commercial tv and movies (including Disney which they refuse to watch because they consider it frightening). K and N haven't made a specific demand for any toy (altho K requested a Barbie this year to ride her horse). I have no troubles walking through Walmart with them despite it being plastered with Dora, Disney Princess, Barbie and Sponge Bob stuff. They have paged thru the Sears X'mas catalog too but still not demanding. I'm sure that I'll have to address more demand for stuff in the future but so far, so good!

In case you don't post between now & Xmas, enjoy your first Xmas with Bebe and family! It will be a fun one!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful photo of your sleeping angel .. I can see why you wanted to rush home.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the holiday with your family and bundle of joy!


Jillian, Inc said...

Oh, I know how you feel. Hubby and I took a day to shop in early Dec. so the crowds weren't that bad. And the last two week before christmas I do ONE ERRAND on my way to pick up my son every night and manage to get a lot of things done that way. Saturday mornings all through the year are typically my time to run errands, get my nails done, etc and by the time I get home around noon I am so happy to be with my family. The hustle and bustle is hard!