Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving at Our House

We had Thanksgiving at our house again this year...which is a feat in itself since the arrival of Dear Bebe...but we pulled it off.

Here is my Mom (Ms. Daisy of the Daisy Chain) checking out the blogs before everyone arrived. I think I created a monster by showing her how to blog. Just kidding Mom!

This was the "kitchen stress" chaos before the feast was ready. Notice I am out of the mix, only taking photos????? We've decided the day goes better if Dear Hubs cooks the meal. I've tried in the past and he usually takes over. Hey, that's fine with me! Especially this year with an infant to take care of. Dear Bebe was so overwhelmed with all people and noise in the house, she slept most of the time.

Here's the whole gang, minus me and my step-son. He had been up all night driving back from his military base and I'm taking the photo. We were all set to dig in to the turkey.

And dig in I did! Little did I know my DEAR DEAR Hubby had thrown in some of the wild turkey he shot last spring. The only piece of turkey I put on my plate was from that bird. It was terrible! And of course, Dear Hubs thought it was funny that I ended up with it on my plate!

But he made up for it by taking my neice and nephew on a tractor and wagon ride around our woods. They LOVED it! (By the way, Dear Sister, did you get a better photo than I? Please send!)

It was a great day (minus the wild fowl) and I'm glad we could all spend the time together. This, I am most thankful for.


Liz said...

That looks like such a wonderful time Jillian! And your home looked gorgeous!

Jillian, Inc said...

What wonderful pictures. This is the first time I've seen photos of your husband.

Ms.Daisy said...

Great pictures, Jillian! I didn't know you were taking so many candids - but I'm glad you did!

Next time, I suggest you only ask for the white meat! LOL!


dana said...

Hi Jillian! Your family on Thanksgiving looks so terrific! Lucky you---taking care of the baby and taking photos!! I'll trade that for cooking ANY DAY!!! Your mom looks like a real computer nerd!!! See, us mature gals can get a little techy, too!!! :)

I love all of your old vintage decor--I have one tree that is (will be!) full of old items I've collected.

Your kitty in the vasoline jar is just a hoot! I like vasoline for makeup removal, too---doubly good if it keeps the kitty's hairballs under control as well! You need to submit that photo to the makers of Vasoline!!! You might get a free jar or two!