Friday, July 10, 2009

The Tatting Lady ~ Dresses, Hankies, Purse, Teddy Bear Gown

Once in awhile I receive a request to sell other people's handcrafted items. Since my website, Bella Rosa Antiques, is mostly about vintage items, I have turned most down. Recently I received an email from someone I wasn't sure I could say no to.

Her email started with tattinglady@.... and it gives her talent away.

Yep, tatting.

I've actually sold a few pieces of vintage tatting. But I didn't KNOW anyone who created these items anymore.

So, back to the Tatting Lady. Here she is in a photo she sent to me. She makes items of tatting, smocking, and Irish crochet.

Here is a snippet from her email:

I have tatted for 25 years. In Cork County, Ireland, the nuns brought out their lace work in 1845 because of the potato crop failure. With the money, the nuns gave the money to the poor who were eating grass. Once the lace work of tatting was seen, it was copied. I learned from a teacher when I was teaching first grade in Gillespie,Illinois. In Springfield, Ill. at New Salem Park, I demonstrated tatting and sold tatted items. I moved to Florida to retire. Now I still show and lecture to ladies, the lost art of tatting.

She even wrote an article about the history of tatting here :

And her pieces are GORGEOUS!

I mean, look at this hankie and framed piece above.
She sent me the photo above and the photos below. I'm sharing them with you and if you are interested in any of them...I've included the price on some.

Dresses 30.00

Booties 25.00, Bonnets 20.00

This amazing teddy bear outfit and these other items I am not sure of the price but I'm sure she would work up something for you.

Tatted earrings, too! Who knew?

I personally love this little bag. I also like the framed tatted piece, the hanky, and the tatted crown on top of the bear's head in the first picture. I can picture the crown with some fancy jeweled embellishments. Wonder if she'd do that for me?

She really does nice work and from what I'm seeing, she can create just about anything using this unique and old art form. Guess it's not lost after all!


Michelle said...

What a talent this woman has.. her handwork is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this post ~ being a needleworker, I appreciate the art of handwork and needlework.


Lisa said...

Oh how awesome! I'm so in awe of anyone who can do such dainty work. Well any work I'm such a dork at this stuff!! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

Ms.Daisy said...

How interesting...I've always loved the look of tatting pieces. I'm wondering though, is she using old tatting pieces in her work? Or is she creating new tatting pieces?
Just wondering.

Ms.Daisy said...

The earrings are a cute idea!