Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walkin' On Sunshine, Baby!

We went on a pool playdate and had lots of fun.

There were 7 moms and about 10 children!

At one point it seemed like we were all in the hot tub and it was crazy!

But fun!

This is Bebe's friend... she was wearing her floatee outfit and kept touching

the front like it was her belly. She's too cute.

A great morning full of happy mom's capturing some happy

photographic moments! (That's Miss Leslie getting a picture of her little guy.)

Can't wait until we can all do it again in a few weeks.

Another reason to love summer!


Connie said...

LOL, showing a bit of cleavage there, isn't she?!?! Le Bèbè is such a charmer I'd bet she drove the little guys wild, chick!! LOL LOL LOL I can't stop laughing.........

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Summer...such fun! Those were the days when us girls could go shirtless!!!

dana said...

Oh, Jillian, this brings back so many fun days at the pool when my kiddos were babes, too! That little one of yours is cuter with every new photo!!

Loved your trip to look at lake houses---what fun to think about having one of those in the future. Your antiquing time also looked great.

Our July has been pretty cool, too. It's been rainy AND cool all day. The heat will return soon!

Take care. L, Dana