Thursday, July 16, 2009

What's that BUZZ?

Shhhhh! What's that noise? There's something buzzing.

Do you hear it? Come on....tell me you can hear it.

I'm not sure where it is coming from...

Shhhh! I hear it again!

Oh my! It's coming from this package I just received from Oliver Rain.

Why it's a bumblebee backpack for Dear Bebe! HOW CUTE IS THAT?

Of course that's what the buzz is all about.

And a market bag for Mommy, too. (I was a giveaway winner! Whoo hoo!)

Thank you!

And handmade too. You just don't find wonderful things like this at the store anymore.

Only through bloggyland. Isn't it fabulous?

Hope you're enjoying the beginning of your weekend. I'm off to use my new bag.


MJ said...

Fun post! You scored well, honey!

Connie said...

Looks like Miss Le Bébé is having a good time with it. She's still a little doll, sugar, just adorable!

Lisa said...

I just love the bag!!
Hugs, Lisa

jennifer said...

Oh that is TOO cute!