Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Clean Out


You may think of pumpkins, warm apple cider, football games and other fun stuff.

I think of cold weather approaching and how the heck I'm going to make it 'til March.


Lately I've been in a "FALL CLEANOUT" mood. If I had my way I'd be filling up bags and boxes of things to go to the thrift store.

This weekend I finally tackled one of my annual projects. The clothes transfer.

Does anyone else do this? Pack up all of the summer stuff and drag out the fall/winter things? This is a major feat in my house. I have to nag...uh...I mean, ask nicely for Dear Hubby to get up in the attic and find the storage containers.

Then it is a whole afternoon or evening sorting and hanging.

For women it's major:

Holiday clothes


It was good to go through a lot of things and send them off to Goodwill. Last year I didn't get to wear much of my Fall/Winter wardrobe because I was still trying to fit into pants and opting for "comfy clothes".... er...sweatpants.

So this year was kind of fun...finding clothes I haven't worn since '07/'08. Which made me think I need a little updating here and there in the clothes department. Not many I just found out... Dear Hubs told me he budgets 50.00 a month for clothes. I laughed and laughed! In some stores that buys you half a pair of pants. Sigh.

Anyway, the Fall transfer is over for now. I just couldn't help but think how long I'd have to wait until we were dragging out the summer clothes again! Ahhhhhhhh!


The Rose Room said...

Half a pair of pants is not much good!!! Rachaelxo

MJ said...

Our autumn clothes have been out for almost 2 months. We've already had snow and it has since melted (whew!).

Men are so lucky on the fashion, accessories and hair front price-wise. I always shake my head about what we have to pay for things!

Jillian said...

By the way, my hubby read this post and his first statement was "why did you put your closet photo on there! It looks horrible!"

Perspective. Men and women have different thoughts.

Pink Slippers said...

Here in California I would have no idea about this. But I was just asking my F-I-L, who lives in Boston, about this. It's so different living here.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Jillian

I was catching up on your blog today and i ahd to tell you I do the same clothes transfer. My bedroom closet is so small only one season of clothes at a time can fit, so the rest stay in a large closet in my basement. It means a lot of carrying clothes up and down two flights of stairs and lots of washing and ironing inbetween. I'm always happy when it's finally all done!