Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Falling for Fun Vintage Finds

Just wanted to share some of our fun finds as of late. This looks like an old Disney ornament doesn't it? Is that Thumper on there? I'd love to do some more research to see when this was made.

This Scottie Dog figurine is very unique in my opinion. (Whatever that is worth!) It is very heavy and has a shine to it like glass but the bottom looks like it is a type of pottery. When you shake it it sounds like there is sand inside? And there is a weird spot on the bottom like a plugged up hole or pontil mark although it is not handblown glass. Hmmmm.

A first edition of Mad Hatter's Tea Party from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland! Although it has a few tears it is in pretty good condition for it's age.

This is an old Paris Fashion print in a lovely Victorian gold shadow box style frame.

And a parlor dome or display for a vintage watch. An ornament would look pretty in there too.

I've been busy loading these and more to the website...

it has been a tough week with Dear Bebe being sick. She was better today but still stuffy and ooooh boy, cranky at times! Hopefully Mommy taking vitamin C and getting some rest (?) will help ward off this bug. Still hoping to go to a pumpkin patch. We'll see! We've had some lovely brisk and cool autumn weather.

What fall activities are you planning for October?


Connie said...

I hope Lè Bèbè does well soon, sugar. It's terrible when your little ones feel rotten and you can do nothing to alleviate their misery. I hope you do well also.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Poor Bebe. Hope she gets better. Greatf finds. The ornament is cute, and yes it does look like Thumper!