Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Who's Got the Pumpkin?

Dear Bebe was feeling much better today so we decided to enjoy the weather and great fall activities. Perfect day to look for pumpkins!

We arrived to find the farm packed with lots and lots of families.

Another couple met us there and brought their little boy.
He's too cute in his overalls!

Dear Bebe was trying to decide what these big orange things were.

Here we are with my friend about to take the "hayride" that was advertised. We did notice there was no hay on the wagon. Oh well! It's all about the event, isn't it?

Lots of corn stalks to see on the ride to the pumpkin patch.

Here is Bebe's little friend with a pumpkin he picked out himself!

Mommy and Bebe found one, too. She started to like them by this point.

We finally found some hay and it was a great place for photos.

A great afternoon! Okay... so I know I was sad to see summer go... I guess I have to say fall isn't THAT bad.


Lisa said...

Yea pumpkins! I love the little ones!!
Hugs, Lisa

jennifer said...

The photos are beautiful Jillian! Bebe is growing so fast.

Claudia said...

Bebe looks adorable with her little pumpkin!

Ms.Daisy said...

Summer, Fall, Winter,'s all in your perspective isn't it? With your adorable BeBe EVERY season will hold magic for both of you!


MJ said...

Fun memories! Bebe will figure out soon about all the pumpkin fun!