Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pondering: To blog or not to blog

This is going to be an honest post. And the truth is... I'm not sure if I should keep up with this blog.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my blog. I started writing online to help me get through a painful, emotional experience. And it has been great. Much more than I ever thought it would be.

But 2 years and 338 posts later, I'm feeling burnt out. Running out of creative ideas. Some days I doubt I ever had any!

I do think it is difficult keeping up with a one year old, a blog, an online website, another blog and my antique booth... not to mention household chores! And a husband! Aaaaaakkkk! Oh the dust bunnies! (on the floor, not on the husband)
Maybe I could save time by combining my two blogs into one? This is what I'm contemplating.

I keep Jillian's Pages going for a few reasons:

* The gal pals I've "met" and keep in touch with

* My family reads it to keep up with our adventures
* I enjoy it, gives my creative brain room to play

There are days though I feel let down. Disappointed. I know I don't have a whole lot of time to visit other blogs so I really shouldn't expect much in return.

Please feel free to leave a comment and throw me some words of encouragement if you'd like. Maybe I just need to hear them?


Neabear said...

Just write when you feel like it. I have noticed a few blogs have a button that says "Blogging without obligation". I take that to mean they are not feeling pressured to participate in different memes and to just post when ever the mood strikes them. I figure that method might work for you. I have slowed down in mine too and find it hard to get around to other blogs, there are so many great ones out there. So I just do the best I can and leave it at that.

Hope that helps for you.


P.S. I have fallen behind in reading blogs too, but try not to let that bother me. I read what I can in the time I have.

The Rose Room said...

Hi Jillian, how great to hear from you. I did something to my google reader and blog roll and lost a whole lot of blogs, yours included! Thanks for finding me! I hear what you are saying, hence I am an erratic blogger! But don't stop, I find it such a great outlet if I am down or wanting to ignore the dust bunnies! Maybe combining the 2 will be easier! I am now off to look out for photos of your wee girl - one year already - wow! Take Care - Rachaelxo

The Rose Room said...

and she is lovely, so dainty!! Rachaelxo

Connie said...

Okay, sugar, short answer: Keep doing it.

Long answer: If you like doing it and it fills a void for creativity and if you let your relatives keep in touch with your daily activities and you've met friends you'd hate to lose then, of course, keep doing it. We all do it for ourselves and something deep inside of us that needs....well, needs to be put to paper (blog in this case). If it makes you happy and that's what you want, not recognition from others, do it.

I don't have that much time either but it fills a void in me. I'd suggest to make a commitment to do a certain number of posts a week/month and see if you can keep up with it.

That being said, if it is cutting too much into your private/home life then only you can decided if you need to spend more time with those activities or can spare the extra minutes to post, chickee.

I love your blog and would hate to see it dropped.

Smooches for Lè Bèbè

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Jillian... I can understand how you must feel with two blogs. I think combining them might help you. I have had to take breaks from posting, but I always tried to find time to make rounds when I could. That's the part I really love best. I blogged before I actually had a blog, and everyone kept asking me when I would start my own. I finally did and have enjoyed it. However, blogging every day had to stop because I just couldn't keep up.

So I think the solution is to blog when you can, even once a week, and visit, too.

I've enjoyed what I've seen of your blog...


Sheila :-)

Lisa said...

Blogging should be fun. I too have gotten burned out and don't post as often. I also don't get around as much my new internet sucks and is so slow loading that it is too frustrating.I work full time and my house is a wreck. Good thing I don't have children of my own. I think we will be here when you need us and we will enjoy you visiting which ever blog you use. I don't know how you do two!
Hugs, Lisa

kab said...

As Mr. Bill would say...."NOOOOOOOOO". Keep blogging are so talented and I LOVE your blog. Post and blog when you WANT to or have an idea. Your faithful are out here reading and is so busy but with this blog you are actually scrapbooking with the written word. Keep it up and with my blessing...who knows maybe someday I will FINALLY write something on mine. I am mostly a techno phobe and am just not comfortable with it...and combine them into one if you like. It's your blog my dear. LOVE YOU BUNCHES...kiss Dear BeBe for me.
Sista Auntie K.

Jillian, Inc said...

Well, you're one of my special "gal pals" and I hope you keep blogging, but understand completely how you feel. I love seeing your sweet little girl and how much she grows and changes. Sometimes I wonder if I should keep going, too....but I keep plugging along. Maybe just take a nice long break and see how you feel then. I took a break this spring and it was great, but I was happy to get back to blogging. Big hugs to you!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I completely understand how you feel.
I too, don't have as much time as I would like to visit and comment on other blogs, so I really can't expect a lot of traffic to mine. But I am very gratful that there are a few visitors stopping by.

I read a post about guilt-free blogging (it may have been the same "Blogging without obligation" thing that another commentor mentioned). It made me feel better and realize that we all just do what we can. And if it starts to become a burden or too overwhelming, its probably time to take a break.
Personally, I only post to my blog 3 or 4 times a month. That's a good, do-able schedule for me.
I think combining the 2 of yours sounds like a good idea. Maybe try it out for awhile and see.

Take care
Kimberly :)

Jillian said...

Thank you for all of the WONDERFUL and SUPPORTIVE comments from some very special bloggers. I really appreciate the helpful advice and encouragement to keep going!

Mrs. Cullen said...

if it helps you stay connected with your friends then you should keep it, even if you don't write much.

Mary said...

Hello Jill, I think most of us feel like that at some point. Maybe just post once a month or when ever you feel YOU have time. Most of us check back when we have time:)I think our Families should be first. You have waited so long for your precious little one,enjoy her. They grow up so fast. My baby will be 27 this Nov. :(
I do enjoy your post, but sorry to say I am probably not the best blogger:)...Oh, thank you for my cute cards and sweet handkerchiefs.
I tell myself I am just going to look,But you always have nice things:) Sorry,I rambled on.Have a great weekend.Hugs,Mary:)

Claudia said...

Hi Jillian - I love blogging, but realize how much time it takes - a lot! I follow and comment on a lot of blogs, but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. I've realized that I can't comment on every post - so I try to make sure I visit everyone at least once a week. BUT, I don't have children, and my job schedule is flexible. If it gives you pleasure, keep doing it. Maybe combine the 2 blogs into 1? I don't think I could handle 2 blogs - 1 is enough.

Selfishly, I'd miss your posts, so I hope you decide to stay. Maybe limit yourself to 2 posts a week?