Sunday, October 21, 2007

Miss Jillian Goes Camping

We did it! We finally went camping. I said I would and I did. And I was very reluctant at first. But we really had a good time. After setting up the first night and made it through a night of rain... the next day we decided to check out the local area nearby and ran into a Farmer's Fair in Dillsburg, PA.

So many people were there! This was a great way to get a feel for small town Pennsylvania. Chicken barbecues, civil war re-enactments, tractors (oh lots of tractors!), yard sales (DH can't resist,) and great views along the way.

Then later, after moving our camper to a new campsite...we met a great group of people who were lots of fun to hang out with.

So this leads me to ask this many men does it take to pull down an awning? My DH and I were trying to figure out how to use this contraption on the "family camper" when we decided to take a peek at OTHER campers nearby. Well, first one guy volunteered to help. Then another would show up and another until we had about half the men gathered 'round trying to figger this dern thing out.

They tugged....and they pulled. We all scratched our heads. Maybe it just wasn't going to work. Maybe we shouldn't even try. (What if it doesn't roll back UP? The horror of it all!) We brought out all the owner's manuals. And still nothing.
My DH got out his tool box. The men brought over their "special guy," you know, the one who gets things to work just by being there? Well, it was a combination of whacking at the mechanism with a hammer and the guy with the magic touch...because the next thing you know, this thing finally rolled out!

We really had a lot of laughs over this and well into the evening.

Turned out the helpful folks we met were all there for a family reunion and they invited us to join them around the campfire to celebrate. Definitely a memorable evening! Thanks, guys! Maybe we'll see you next year! (Did I just say that?)

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