Sunday, October 14, 2007

Okay, so it's COLD!

Have to admit, this is my WORST time of year. Not trying to be negative here, but Miss Jillian does not like the cold. What was I thinking when thoughts of "oh it will be nice to have autumn here finally" and "I'm going to embrace this leaf falling thing." Changed my mind! No way! Don't like it. Just had a huge reminder yesterday morning as soon as I stepped outside. Wait a minute, it was before that. The WHOLE HOUSE was chilly. The floor felt like ice. (That might be the worst part.) Guess we will have to turn the heat on soon. Maybe my DH is holding out a little bit longer, but I am weakening! I've already pulled out the little space heater.

To try and put a positive spin on my "ill feelings" toward winter I will look forward to the benefits of the cold weather. Let's see...there's .....hmmmm....I'm thinking. Ummmmmm.....well, here's, no, not that either. Well, I guess there's Thanksgiving and Christmas! How about all the fun decorating and cooking? Food is a good thing in the winter. But I am going to work on losing a couple of pounds so that might not be a good thing. Anyone have some great low cal Thanksgiving recipes out there? Drop me a line if you do....

In the meantime I will get out the blankets and hope for the best.


marylou said...

Hi Jillian:)
Thanks for stopping by. I came over to take a peek and I am sure glad I did. You are a gal I can identify with..I don't like the cold either!! Living in California gives me the luxury of very mild winters but anything below 60 degrees to me is killer!! I am in the SFran Bay area and we do get down to the 20's and my lawn freezes...that is when we get the fireplace going and hot chocolate..sometimes even a hot buttered rum:-) I tolerate the cold better under those conditions;) Take care and have a grand Sunday:)
Hug Life, Marylou

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill!

I really had no idea you dislike the cold so much! :( I don't mind until it gets into the teens...and then I'm not happy!
Love your blog...I check it once or twice a week!
How's Minnie? DH? The camper saga?
Love ya, K.