Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many...

Last week my brother in law was over to visit my Dear Hubby. When he walked in he set down a very large shopping bag and said "Here's a little something for the baby."

I opened the bag and there was an envelope for Dear Bebe. Inside was a note. It read:

"Dear Bebe, a girl can never have too many stuffed animals. Love, Aunt Mary."

I reached into the bag and pulled out a very cute pink dog with a polka dot ribbon....and then
I reached in and pulled out a creamy colored (and very soft) teddy bear...

And before I knew it, I had pulled FIVE stuffed animals out of that bag! And one was more adorable than the next.

I just know Dear Bebe is going to love them...look at her already!

How sweet is Aunt Mary??? Thank you!


Ms.Daisy said...


Aunt Mary is the best!

BeBe is just too cute with all of those cuddly toys around her...she looks soooo grown up sitting up like that! I can't wait to see her again at T'giving!


Kat said...

hihi she is just a cutie :)
love kat

dana said...

That sweet girl is just getting cuter with every photo you share. She is certainly enjoying her presents!!! Thanks for letting us take a peek at her. Dana

jennifer said...

Jillian, she is beautiful! And not only did Aunt Mary choose to give Bebe a gift, she made a memory too.

What a wise Aunt!

Be blessed.


Auntie K said...

That sweet niece of mine gets cuter and cuter EVERYDAY! Adorable with those stuffed animals!

Oliver Rain said...

She is getting cuter and cuter! Even sweeter than the teddies!