Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

About a year ago I misplaced my glasses. They were a pretty nice pair, prescribed to me by an eye doctor. Now it seems easy to think I could just call up said doctor, make an appointment and get a new pair, right? Well, I did this and found out upon arrival that the doctor does not take our insurance anymore. Who drops people's insurance? Anyway, I put off finding a new doctor thinking I had plenty of time, meanwhile, squinting my way at the grocery store, reading the backs of food labels, etc. Then I got pregnant and with the funky hormones, etc, figured I should wait until it was over to make sure I got the right prescription glasses. Well, now, I'm too busy and can barely get away for my regular appointments, let alone, trying to find a new eye doctor.

So a few weeks ago, I managed to get out of the house. Where did I go? COSTCO. Yep, my big afternoon out and I went to get food. Oh boy! But, it was great. And while I was shopping I saw this stand of eyeglasses. The makers let you peer into lenses and read words behind each "pair" to help you figure out what strength you need. I selected a pair and now I can finally see all kinds of things. Especially Dear Bebe. Doesn't that sound terrible??? It's not that I am completely blind, because I can see things at a distance, but it sure does help to see your baby up close!

They say when you turn 40 your eyes start to go, but I think this started about 5 years ago. While I can see clearer now... I can also see I am being defined by my latest accessory...reading glasses. Maybe I should get the more popular and fashionable Sarah Palin frames and turn what appears to be a negative into a positive. Either that or a piece of jewelry.


Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Jillian, When did you add the last part of your post? I added a comment when your post ended with, "I think that happened about 5 years ago" and it obviously didn't take! Sorry! Anyway, I like your new glasses and am so glad you can now read labels and the phone book!

Liz said...

Blue some rhinestones on them,or little flowers. That's what I've always wanted to do with my driving glasses. :)

dana said...

I "discovered" those readers years ago and have gone through hundreds of them---marching from 125 magnification up to the 250 I wear these days. Alas, I believe I now need to get the "real deal" cuz I've found, recently, a bit of distance issues,too! My optham. felt, as long as I was OK using the readers, I didn't need to have perscript. glasses--me too! It's time to get my eye exam and I dread shelling out the hundreds of $s it will now cost me. Aging eyes--I was lucky to put it off as long as I did! Dana