Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vocabulary Changes

"Is the tape cued?"

"The promo shoot is on for Friday"

"The script is in the teleprompter"

"What time does that air?"

"I need these graphics ready by 5:00"

These were the type of words and phrases I used to utter in my former life.

Now the words I hear myself saying now are:

"How's my sweetpea?"

"Is that a toot?"

"You must have a gas bubble"

"There's my snuggle bunny!"

While the vocabulary has changed drastically, I find the rewards much greater.


Jen r. said...

MUCH GREATER! Though more poopy.... LOL!

Sassafras and LuLu said...

Hi Jill!
Hope you get to catch up on rest at little babes took forever to realize mamma would just luv to sleep through the night, LOL! (really tho) So happy for you.
And yes, your whole world changes doesn't it?! Who would I be if not for the sacrifices that are/were required of me to be a mother. Such gifts from above. Awesome little blessings is the only way to explain, that teach us how to Love.
hugs and good night,

Kat said...

oh for me as a linguist, that is an interesting vocabulary change phenomena.
I like somehow: There's my snuggle bunny^^

Oh that is a very nice pic of Bebe :)

Rue said...

Hi Jillian :)

It does change and it's much better than any other reward in your life... the love for a child truly is amaing :)


Jillian, Inc said... true. And so sweet! She's a beauty.

MJ said...

Yes, I recall feeling similar feelings, particularly when K was born. No longer was I concerned about intervening with an objection, I was responding to the most demanding "employer" (K) that I had ever known, expecting and receiving attention 24/7.

It gets easier. You are right: the older we are, the more concerned we likely are! I think I would have been much less concerned about child rearing in my 20s and a lot less patient too!