Friday, November 14, 2008

What's Up With That, Mr. Hershey?

I love chocolate. Even more specific, I love Hershey's candy. The other day, I was watching TV and a commercial came on that I see every year during the Christmas season. You know the one, where the Hershey's kisses ring like little bells to "We wish you a Merry Christmas?"

It is a cute commercial that reminds us to check how many shopping days we have left and ask ourselves "hmmmm, do I need to buy more kisses for our upcoming get together?" Then at the end it reads "Happy Holidays."

What??? Happy Holidays???? I saw it on NOVEMBER 10th. A little too early! Unless of course Veteran's Day is now considered one of the holidays. And maybe it is because we live so close to Hershey that I feel compelled to let them know how I feel. What are they going to do next year? Run these ads in October for Halloween? (Some people actually think this is a holiday by the way.)

I think the consumers should speak out and let them know how we can't be manipulated like this. Is anyone else with me?

What would Milton Hershey think?

Sigh. The truth is, all of this talk about chocolate is making me want to go out and buy some of those darn kisses! Maybe they know what they're doing afterall.

But I'm still bothered by the Happy Holidays tag. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


Connie said...

Political correctness, sweetpea!!!! Sheeeeesh......
Smooches for Le Bebe,

Jillian said...

Oh yes, that too... besides the political correctness of the term "Happy Holidays" I was surprised it ran even before Vet. Day. How long should the holidays last is the question I'm proposing.

Thanks for the comment! Keep em comin!