Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Each morning when I am dozing inbetween Dear Bebe feedings, I am usually in awe by the beautiful sight before me. The picture below is a series of windows in our family room. I watch as the night time slowly disappears into the day. There isn't one exact moment of change... like when you switch a light bulb on and off. It happens before my eyes ever so perfectly. The transformation is amazing and beautiful.

This time of year is particularly awesome because of the maple trees that have turned a rich golden color. The leaves have hung on in our area of Pennsylvania and it is November, which is great because the bare stickly trees can depress me.

There is something about a sunrise that gives us a new outlook on what lies ahead. Another chance at life. What we do with that opportunity makes all the difference. I hope the same can be said for our election results.


Connie said...

I hope Le Bebe is doing well, sweet momma chick. I am a positive and upbeat person by nature. I refuse to let anything get me down for too long. I keep centered on my savior and things look just fine then. I know this sounds corny, but it is soooooooo true. It's in His hands now.
Smooches for the bebe,
Connie :-)

Oliver Rain said...

What a lovely post. When I work night shifts, I always enjoy watching the sunrise. Such a beautiful sight and so few people ever get to enjoy it. Enjoy those early AM feedings. They are fleeting.

Jillian, Inc said...

Funny...that exact thing is one of the very clear memories I have of those early, early mornings when Adam was a baby. Until then, I had never been up at that wee-morning time of day to see the light change from dark to day.... it's a cherished memory for me that I will always hold.

Jen r. said...

What a pretty post! The am feedings are nice, but so is when they don't do them any more ;)

Ms.Daisy said...

Good Post, Jillian...I've just noticed something also. Your last three posts are titled with the names of songs! I like that idea!


Jillian said...

Yes, you're right Ms.Daisy! I didn't even notice that. I think it is my weary brain ...the only thing still whirring around in there is pop culture. LOL!


MJ said...

Glad to read you are seeing a bit better now! Hopefully you'll have time to find a properly prescribed pair soon! I can't hear without my glasses (and you read that correctly!).

As I read your post, I thought of how Bebe has been born at a time when she won't know anything different except that any American can be a President. Watch out Congress, here comes Bebe?!