Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Faux PAAS: How Not to Dye Eggs

This past weekend we had Easter with my fun loving Sister, Mrs. Tuneful. We arrived in time for a wonderful dinner. Afterwards there were plans in place to dye eggs and go for an Easter egg hunt with the neighborhood kids.

Let's just say we didn't win the Martha Stewart award for dying. So, here in a nutshell, er, eggshell is how NOT to dye eggs:

* Do not buy cheapie version of a PAAS egg dying kit. It's just not worth it.

* ALWAYS ALWAYS use your own cups!

* When the directions say "DO NOT" use cold eggs, believe them.

* Do not dye eggs on good Easter tablecloth.

* Do not use cheapie plastic containers with big spoons.

Like these... that came with the kit.

Because then this is what happens to your nice tablecloth, the carpet, and your wee little one's foot.

Then Sister Tuneful dropped her egg in another's cup and broke her egg.

At this point we didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.
Of course we chose the former.

While this cheapie plastic holder didn't cause any mishaps...we still missed the copper wire thing we used to get in the PAAS box back in the 70's!

And we discovered applying stickers too hard is not a good idea.
Definitely a bad egg. (Note the crack on the egg and the blue dye on the hand!)
We finally decided this was the best thing we could do with them.
Hope you had a happy Easter!


kab said...

Very funny! What a great memory we now have. Dying eggs will never be the same. Just don't let Martha know. For the record...ALL the blue dye came out of the for the wee little one's foot...well that might take another bath or two...LOL!

MJ said...

I'm glad that I wasn't the only one with a dye issue this Easter! What a mess it makes! Misery likes company!

Ms.Daisy said...

Oh my! This is soooo funny! You guys must have been laughing and laughing as the egg event progressed! I'm glad you made these fun,fun memories!


Joyce said...

Great post! You gave me a chuckle for the day!! Glad you had a nice Easter. We did too!!