Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vintage Recipe Books

Recently we came across some oldie but goodie "treasures." Upon first glance, this book may not look like a treasure but if you love cooking or reading recipes...then you'll love this type of find.
I like it for several reasons.
1) It was published the year my Dad was born, 1939. Because of that, I find things made at that time fascinating.
2) It has a subject index. You don't usually see an index on a book like this... makes it easy to find what you're looking for.
3) It has wonderful handwritten recipes on the inside covers, the note pages, etc. Even a handwritten shoo fly pie recipe! Even though I don't like shoo fly pie, I love the fact someone
wrote it in the book
4) The book is loaded with what I call "kitchen use." You know when you have the book open while you are cooking and a little bit of the ingredients accidently get on the page? I love that too!
It was put together by The Household Magazine.
Great history, great recipes.
By the way, this recipe book is available on our website here! (Shameless plug!)


Ms.Daisy said...

OOOOH! Cool recipe book - I would have liked to see one of the recipes though!


jennifer said...

Oh that IS a good find! Love the notes on the inside. Hard to believe that someone let that go.

Lucy Bloom said...

What a great find, I love any old books with evidence of previous owners in them.
Lucy x

MJ said...

Shoo fly pie? I've heard of it but thought it was a nonsensical name! And you've tasted it?! I've learned something new today!