Monday, April 6, 2009

REO Speedwagon: I Can't Fight This Nostalgia

It's been awhile since the Hubs and I went out. Now that we are parents to our sweet Dear Bebe we tend to stay home a lot. It's actually okay with me so I don't mind. My days of going out every weekend are long gone.

But this weekend we had a night out. We went to see REO Speedwagon in concert.

I bought the tickets for my hubby because he was a huge fan of this band back in the 70's. He leaned over to me during the concert and said with a smile "I wish I had saved my 8 Tracks."

This brought a smile to my face because I then thought of Dear Hubs as a teenager riding around in his Gran Torino listening to "Take it on the Run" or "I Can't Fight this Feeling." The funny thing is, it was hard to fight the feeling of nostalgia. As soon as you hear the music of your youth the memories are so great. Almost like a drug. I also liked REO Speedwagon but I probably would not have gone to this concert if it hadn't been for him.

Here is the band back in the 70's. Not all of the original band members are still touring. The lead singer is the same and so is another member. The rest were added later...but they've all been playing together since the late 80's and early 90's. That's still a long time. And the years are starting to show.

When the band first came out to start the concert my first thought was "Oh my gosh, they are so old!" and "Got Geritol?" The lead singer looked like a thin, frail old man. But I have to hand it to to him. He started hopping around and singing like he was still in his twenties. Good for him, I say! By the end of the show he had a great many followers running up to the stage to grab his hand, take a photo, and sway to the music. I hope I have that much energy when I'm sixty.

That being said, I have to say the concert had me thinking. A lot. I looked around at all of the people. Many were older than me. I was in 7th grade when I first started listening to their songs so I must be on the tail end of their fan base. As I looked around I saw that the years had been hard on the fans. Some looked haggard, worn down, beaten down by time. But their youthful memories remained and for one evening, they weren't middle aged, they were back in their glory days reliving a time they once knew. And loved. But not forgotten.


The Pink Potpourri said...

that's awesome. so glad you guys had a great time! i love things like that that bring so many great memories of my high school and college years.

Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks for the trip down memory lane - I love it! I'm such an 80's gal!

What a wonderful gift :)

Oh, and tell your husband, I still have the 8 track!

Ms.Daisy said...

I knew you'd like it once you got there! Those concerts bring back soooo many memories!


Clif said...

I too am glad that your mother linked you onto Spiritual Sundays. I'm hoping you post something every week...I'm sure it is hard to find extra time with a baby in the house. It has been so long I can't remember. Our son and daughter are now adults. What I meant by blogger being highlighted is that is shows up as a misspelled word--at least on my computer. I'm sure that happens because it is not in the dictionary. Thanks for coming by and leaving comments. Have a great day.(I would comment on the group you went to see in concert but I know absolutely nothing about them.)

MJ said...

Your dh's comment about the 8-track tapes is priceless! My dh only gave his up in the late 1990s!!

Joyce said...

Like it or not, we all either get old or we don't and I'm not ready for that alternative yet. I loved this post! I also loved REO Speedwagon and the memories of days gone by.

I haven't visited you for awhile. Your daughter is so adorable. You must be having lots of fun with her. She is precious! Also loved your hot hubby award. The stand-in was a rough choice to make, I'm sure. You sound happy and content and that is wonderful!!!

jennifer said...

LOL! The lead singer looks better now. REO Speedwagon was (and is) awesome. I love their music.

I listen to the 80s channel on the radio. It takes me back. I am one of those old chicks enjoying memories.