Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bebe Dedication

This past weekend we did something very special with Dear Bebe. We had her child dedication at church. In the past I've gone to churches where they call it a "christening" or maybe a "baptism" and water is used to annoint the baby. Our church does "dedications." Well, basically it is a matter of semantics because it all has a similar purpose. We as parents, are promising to raise Dear Bebe in a Christian household and to teach her about God and how to live her life through him.

I had been stressed and concerned leading up to the morning of her dedication. What should she wear, should she wear the fancy long white dress my Dear Sister lent to us...or since our church is a little more casual, should she wear a shorter dress?

What if she starts crying again and has another meltdown during the dedication????


I almost postponed it 'til another time ...maybe when she's a little bit older. But, one of our pastor's is leaving, and he had been with us during our time of prayer when we weren't sure if we were ever going to get pregnant. We really thought it would be nice if he was able to be the one there with us that day. So, I went ahead with it.

It all came about so suddenly we really didn't have time to invite other family members or plan a day to celebrate when we arrived home. We did get Gramma Daisy to come over on the train so this was special for Dear Bebe.

Turned out Dear Bebe was great, it was me who cried.

Couldn't help it. As soon as we all gathered in the front pew of the church and we started singing, the tears started coming down my face. In my heart I know how grateful I am to God for giving us this wonderful gift in Dear Bebe. I thank Him for her everyday. We were also thankful to the congregation for standing up with us, promising to help support us in our journey with her as a church family. A very special moment indeed.


Connie said...

Darling, honey!
Smooches to Le Bèbè,

Jillian said...

Thanks, Connie! We're just excited as can be, still. :-)

dana said...

Jillian, that is such a WONDERFUL picture of you and that Bebe!
When my "little boy" was baptized, he was just a few weeks old. There were several babies receiving that sacrament that day and at one point the priest had use lay our babe's down on the alter while he continued his service.(Of course, we were all there with the babies, so they weren't going any place). Anyway, the priest went on and on and the next thing I knew, our babe was fast asleep on the alter. It was a beautiful moment.
Congrats on that precious Babe milestone!
I also wanted to let you know that one of the awards you sent my way is on my post today. I am sorry it took me so long to publicly acknowledge that--but it's there today. Enjoy.

L, Dana

Michelle said...


What a special day for your family, and that's wonderful that Ms. Daisy could be there to share in the day.

What a beautiful photograph of you and Dear Bebe.. She is one very lucky little girl to have been given the gift of such loving parents.

Sending hugs,

Gabriela said...


She is so adorable!

~ Gabriela ~

Gabriela said...


She is so adorable!

~ Gabriela ~

MJ said...

Isn't it interesting when emotions catch us off guard? I'd probably have done the same thing; my own (adult) baptism threw me for a loop too!

Jen r. said...

You both look beautiful!

JanaBanana said...

What a great picture of the two of you :)
Our first daughter had a Dedication :)

Ms.Daisy said...

I'm so glad I could be there to share this beautiful memory. She is so very precious to all of us!


kab said...

God is good, all the time! You are both beautiful...

kab said...

God is good, all the time! You are both beautiful...

Jillian, Inc said...

What a beautiful photo.... and a wonderful post about Bebe's dedication. I can only imagine how moving it was. Congratulations. And look how BIG Bebe is getting! Time flies!+