Friday, February 6, 2009

A MeMe for You

Well it is always fun to write when the topic is about yourself. I've been tagged by Ms. Daisy over at the Daisy Chain. I apologize for my lack of linking to other people's blogs today...short on time while watching Dear Bebe. Maybe I can do it later on tonight.

For now, here is what I did to fulfill the MeMe tag:

Answer the following questions.
Tag 5 other bloggers.
Let them know they have been tagged.

1. Name 5 things in your purse:
- Sunglasses
- Cell Phone
- Business cards for my website
- Change jangling around at the bottom
- Keys when I can find them

2. Name 5 things in your work room:
- Antiques to sell on my website
- A proudly framed college degree (Bachelor of Arts)
- 3 Ring binders full of ideas, Inventory lists, Geneology Records
- Stacks of paper I can never seem to throw out or organized
- Dear Hubby and his half of the office (always a mess!)

3. Name 5 things you are into:
- Antiques
- Cooking (really!)
- Dancing
- Learning more about my baby daughter
- Doing things with Dear Hubs

4. Name 5 things you always wanted to do:

- Have a family of my own (check)
- Go to Europe (check)
- Have a career (check)
- Open an antique shop on a trendy/artsy street
- Travel again to Europe but this time with Dear Hubby and Bebe. Show them my
favorite spots in Italy...then go over to Ireland, Scotland.

Pick 5 bloggers

MJ of MJ's Sputterings
Country Charm By Betty
Mary at Crash n Smash
Jen at Sanctuary Arts
Jennifer at Dust Bunny Hostage

I will let you gals know asap...if you happen to read my blog today....wonderful! And if you've already been tagged for apologies for not checking first!

Be back soon for my 200th giveaway post tomorrow!


Lucy Bloom said...

Always fun to read these meme's!

Anonymous said...
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Betty said...

Thanks for tagging me and I'll participate next week....thanks, Betty

Jen r. said...

Thanks for tagging me! I am going to think about my answers. There's a lot going on in quite a few of those spaces! ;)

MJ said...

This meme is a lot easier than another one that I'm supposed to do! Thanks for the heads up!

(PS: That little pink car in your give-away is sweeeeet! I noticed the restriction to the US so thought I'd comment here instead so that it was easier for you to keep track for your give-away!)