Thursday, February 5, 2009

Raggedy Ann & Andy

Dear Bebe receives gifts from all over my amazement. Dear Hubby's co-workers, relatives, friends of Ms. Daisy's, and even some sweet blogger pals! I am always touched when someone sends a gift to her. Somehow with all of the baby commotion early on, I forgot to show you a very special gift from Bebe's Aunt Kathy:

And I do apologize to Aunt Kathy for taking so long in posting about this sweet gift. Aunt Kathy collects R. Ann's and R. Andy's so this is really neat that she is passing some along to Dear Bebe. She is going to love them and they will remind us of Auntie K when we play with them. If we play with them. I played with my Raggedy Ann but she ended up losing her little pantaloons and apron because of it.

I could look at it two different ways. She'll get lots of enjoyment from playing with them...but they may get "ruined" in the process. What do you think? To use or to keep stored on a shelf?


Counting Your Blessings said...

Jillian - thank you very much for my blog award. It is greatly appreciated. As for R Ann and R Andy, I would store them. But store them so that Dear BeBe can see them, learn about things of old and the history behind them so she will appreciate older periods of life. And of course, always let her know how thoughtful it was for Aunt Kathy to have given them to her so BeBe will cherish Aunt Kathy. -Mr Blessings

Dawn said...

Hi Jillian, I post something on Ann and Andy every Wednesday, I love them! I think limited play time, especially when she gets to running and dragging things behind her, but she can still love this pair. That's what they represent and bring.

MJ said...

Isn't it challenging to let them play with collectors' items? I haven't let K and N play with my childhood dolls yet but anticipate that they will when they are school-aged. I have let them play with all their Madeline collectables (altho I don't let them put them in water and try to avert haircutting!). If they are left on a shelf, they won't develop emotional attachment!