Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Lovely Break ~ Lovely Vintage Finds

Well, I've taken a little break from Jillian's Pages. Can't say I completely stayed away because when you receive email messages it is too tempting to reply back. Sigh. I'd have to turn my computer OFF in order to really be out of the techno loop.

This past weekend I went treasure hunting...and found quite a few I couldn't pass up. I'm always looking for items with roses on them. What better inventory than this for the Bella Rosa website? When I came across these needlepoint chair covers I was excited to share them with you.

A set of 6, YES SIX, vintage needlepoint chair covers. Two in black, (as of March 27th the black pair are now sold) two in purple, and two in a lovely red. I can just see an entire dining room set covered in these. Or maybe even footstools, vanity benches or pillows! Someone told me she heard a crafter was using them to cover scrapbooks and journals. Now that's a new one! I love to hear the ideas people come up with.

Each one is uniquely hand done. It is hard to find them these days... a lost art I'm afraid. Although I know a couple bloggers who still needlepoint, which I admire greatly!

I also came across this neat little box with the vintage rose .... and inside were pieces of old tatting! (another lost art) So sweet. Then I noticed inside on the lid, someone had written a sweet note with a date of 1898.

One of my favorite finds ...these ADORABLE vintage handmade pin ornaments. The colors are so soft and sweet. Would look great in a vignette display under a bell jar or maybe even in apothecary containers.

I absolutely loved this. A sweet little mirror with the words "Our Friends" etched onto it. May have come from a vintage album...but even by itself I find it irresistible!

I've also added a new "For Crafters" category... I have many vintage items that can be used in crafts. Like these old clock faces. The possibilities are endless to use in displays or mixed media arts. Someone creative could have lots of fun with these. I'm also debating on whether to list vintage seam bindings still in their orig package...but I love to tie up the packages I send out with vintage I may keep them for myself! Isnt' that terrible? I'm supposed to sell, not keep. Sometimes it is hard to let things go.

I'm almost done listing but to the website, Bella Rosa Antiques. I'm trying to get them done inbetween Dear Bebe's naps and playtimes. She is doing so well. Yesterday she did some roll overs all by herself! I'm going to miss these early months when they're gone...and you are all speaking the truth when you say...the time goes by so fast!


Gina said...

Wow you really know how to find them, I love all your pretty treasures. I was scrolling down at first without reading, and thought, which shop did you get that beautiful baby from! : )

Liz said...

Wow... those chair covers are fantastic!

Jen r. said...

Love your treasures! You have clock faces? hmmmm.......

Ms.Daisy said...

OOOOH! Neat stuff! Love those needlepoint covers!

MJ said...

Oh, sure, you ditched us to go shopping! (wink)