Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thoughts on Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day fast you find it difficult to buy your sweetie a gift? Well, we all know what they REALLY but let's just think about the material things for a minute.

I really struggle with finding something for Dear Hubby. He is a tricky one. He likes probably almost anything I buy...but sometimes I discover he didn't really use it or like it in the first place. I suppose the WORST gift I ever bought for him and yes, I am admitting this....was a George Foreman grill.
Looking back now, I can see this was a bad choice. ( I even broke my own rule, no appliances!) We were dating at the time and I thought this was a great gift. I thought he loves to grill and during the winter months, he can use this George Forman grill inside the house.

What I didn't realize is that men love the challenge of going out there in sub degree weather and firing up the grill to cook a steak. They change the "Brrrrr!" into a "Grrrrrrr!" and head on out there waving their spatula's like it's a sword and the plate the shield. This whole scene, to me, is outrageous and silly. Not to a guy.

I think his favorite gift (besides the other kind of gifts we haven't mentioned here...ahem!) would be a DVD I created, set to music that meant something special, using photos of us from when we were dating, etc. He really appreciated it and still likes to view it together every now and then which is neat because we always feel gushy and mushy and say "awwwwwwww" look at us back then. Most of the computers now come with these programs already loaded onto them and they are very easy to drop and drag your photos into. But if you can't make a DVD, how about a scrapbook or photo album?

There's always a special dinner you can make...or you can go out. But if you're like me, and you live in cold temperatures, I don't like going out in the snow and freezing weather. We usually go out to a fancy restaurant but this year we are going to see a movie at our church called "Fireproof."

What was the best Valentine's Day present you gave your man? The worst? I'd love to hear about it.


Connie said...

Gosh, Jillian, we're sooooo not into gifts that we usually will go out for dinner. We're old folks so there isn't much that thrills him other than the "ahem" you DIDN'T mention. I think just showing him love is the best gift though, chickee. You gave him the best gift with Le Bébé!!
Smooches new mummy,

MJ said...

My dh's favorite gift is rum flavoured Belgian chocolates. I have already purchased his stash (& it is hidden!). I don't think I've given him a bad V-Day gift; I give him clothes periodically for his b-day, anniversary and/or Xmas and he dislikes that!

I'm glad to read that you've had some haircutting practice with Ken. Bebe should appreciate you honed this talent when you were younger.

The Pink Potpourri said...

i'm never good at picking out valentine's gifts for my hubby. we actually made it a rule, no presents. instead we just do a really fun, creative date night!

ps...don't forget its free giveaway friday! i'm giving away a cute purse today :)

Dawn said...

You are too funny, my hubby buys chocolates every v-day, for ALL of us.

jennifer said...

I hid things in my husbands car with notes attached. I called him every hour and told him where to look next. It was a fun day for me but not the best day at work for him. It could have gone over a little better I'm afraid.