Monday, October 13, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

What gorgeous weather we had this past weekend. And we decided to take Dear Bebe for a walk around the neighborhood. I'm sure it was me who enjoyed it more. I haven't really been out of the house too much unfortunately! Ahhhhhh yes, feeling a bit like a shut in.

So the walk was good. I look a little tired but not too bad post surgery? (Hopefully losing pregnancy weight.)

Dear Bebe also met two more of her siblings, Stepdaughter number two and my Stepson. They thought she was cute and tiny. But they didn't see her when she was REALLY small. She has gained weight since and is filling out nicely.

I'm starting to notice new things about her personality and her new learned movements, etc as she gets older. (Ha! Three weeks!) Yesterday it appeared as though she was trying to hold the bottle and maybe she was. Very early on she would clasp her hands together and link her little fingers. The whole thing has amazed me really, since pregnancy. God is GOOD. I truly believe in a creator and I have no idea how someone could NOT believe after being pregnant and experiencing it for myself. In fact, that would be a good post and I'm sure it would spark some debate or banter.

For now, I just took over the late night shift from Dear Hubby and I'm waiting for Dear Bebe to need her next bottle. Wait a minute...shouldn't I be sleeping?


kab said...

Yes! :) Loved your is truly amazing watching those little babies that our Lord creates within us. Love you!

Connie said...

Can't wait to see that little bit of pink fluff, mama chick! I absolutely love babies and so does my 45 years old son. He can't stop smooching little ones he sees in the stores. People look at him funny but he truly does adore babies - like his mama. ;-)

JILL said...

How sweet. That fresh air and sunshine was so good for her! You look great!

Liz said...

Jillian, I'm just so happy for you! You're posts just exude happiness... and you look beautiful.

Ms.Daisy said...

Wow! She has grown some in the short time since I was with you all! Look at her looking up at her "big Sis!"
Can't wait to hold her again! See ya soon!



dana said...

Hi Jillian: YOU look great in that photo! Gads, it's been 29 yrs. since by last "baby" was born and I don't think I've ever caught up on my sleep:)
Your little one looks so sweet--they do change my the MOMENT at this tender age.

In reference to your older post. I hope the stock market rally yesterday helped ease your frustrations a bit. (It's still shaky, though). I know it's frightening for those of us looking retirement in the face.

I agree, I hate the way our elections are held. I think allowing folks to start campaigning 2 years before the race is outrageous, especially if they are already holding a position in government and they're spending all of their time (2 years) not doing their paid job. You're right--we need to be able to know the TRUE facts about each candidate (where they stand and what is hidden in their closet), then we simply make up our minds. We do not need biased news channels---shoving their spin down our throats. Next, what are they thinking about running those horrid TV commericals non stop? It would be nice if they found a better (and more beneficial way) to spend their political millions on their ads in another direction---like, lets say, trying to get our health care system straighted out. I think I would vote for the person who decided to quit shelling out millions on TV and newspaper ads and instead to put their money where their mouth is and actually help the folks who so badly need it. Not too complicated.

It's such a stressful time for our country. I will just be glad when the foolishness of this election is over and we can deal with however it turns out. We just all need to vote. Period. I'm done. Aren't you glad?
Now, go take a nap---I think I will! :) Dana

MJ said...

Our election is already over. We had to endure campaigning for approx. 3 weeks. That's enough for me!

Remember: sleep. Sleep as much as you can!

I haven't got into those reality shows. I loved watching vintage tv shows on cable but they cancelled my favorites so I don't feel so compelled either! To each her own!