Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Gift for Bebe!

A package arrived all the way from Canada for Dear Bebe from one of my blogger pals ....Oliver Rain. It was wrapped in pink gingham paper with a pretty pink ribbon. I LOVE pink did she know???? :-) And inside is the MOST ADORABLE handmade sweater PLUS a pretty pair of ballet slipper shoes. Sweet sweet sweet. She did an excellent job on the sweater, as seen below. I wish I could knit or crochet like that. See, I'm not even sure if it is knitted or crocheted! I am going to guess crochet. Either way, it is so cute and so nice of her to think of Dear Bebe. THANK YOU!

Other nice gifts have arrived, too for Dear Bebe. One from Germany even! I will post those pictures when I get a chance, it is almost time for Bebe's feeding.

Once again, a thank you to Oliver Rain for the generous and kind gift. You make blogging such a pleasure.


Oliver Rain said...

I'm SO glad you love it. I made the sweater a few years ago, but had no little ones that could wear it (all my friends had boy babies). I must have been making it for Bebe all along and just didn't realized it!

Ms.Daisy said...

What a darling little sweater for BeBe...and those sweet ballet shoes, I know you can hardly wait until she can wear them! A few photos please!



Rue said...

Good morning Jillian :)

That sweater and those shoes are absolutely adorable! I would still be dressing Annie in stuff like that if she'd let me LOL


Liz said...

They're ADORABLE! Isnt Oliver Rain just the sweetest?

jennifer said...

How thoughtful! I bet she looks beautiful in her new goodies!