Friday, October 24, 2008

Thank You From Dear Bebe & Those Darn Cats!

All of these nice gifts arrived for me...

"Here is a package from Germany...from Dear Daddy's cousin in Germany...Danke Shoen!!! "

"And how nice is this gift basket full of neat toys and goodies for me to play with from Dear Daddy's I know I'm just a month old but can we negotiate that raise you were talking about???? I'm going to need a car in 15 years...."

" And wow, a nice set of new clothes for when I get bigger ...from my two Great Aunts down in Georgia. How pretty I'm going to look...Thank you! "

" And from Gramma's cousins in Las Vegas...this little Anne Geddes baby in an egg....she's going to be lots of fun to play with. My own little doll baby! Thank you!
And now Dear Mommy has to share something with you...time for my nap...."

Hello! All is going well, other than the late night zombie feelings that come over us... but I think these darn cats know when I am busy with Dear little buggers! They start to do all kinds of awful things...tearing into their food (its not like I'm not feeding them, honest!) Jumping up spastically and running behind the TV screen, chasing each other all over the house...knocking things over...going into forbidden rooms and sleeping on furniture they KNOW is off limits. I think they are taunting me when Dear Bebe is in my arms and I'm feeding her...they know I can't yell and chase after them! For now, I guess I can't deny them their fun. I haven't been able to pay attention to them like I had for all of these years. I just hope our house can take it!


Kat said...

oh I see the German package has arrived :)

love to PA, from cold Luenen

Jillian said...

Hello Kat! Yes, thank you so much for the CUTE CUTE CUTE little socks and the delicious chocolate for Dear Mommy and Dear Daddy! We are going to send you her announcement photo in the mail soon. Be on the lookout for it!

Connie said...

She's soooo cute, honey pie!! Looks like she's saying: I give up; don't shoot!! LOL Just adorable.....

JILL said...

What a sweet little bebe! And those cats are suffering from a bit of jealousy, huh?

MJ said...

hmmm... Seems you have to deal with some feline issues! Seems like they'll keep you on your toes!

Rue said...

Good morning Jillian :)

I hope you're getting more sleep these days!

What sweet frinds and relatives to send you those beautiful things!

Oh and of course furry babies know when they can get away with stuff LOL