Monday, October 27, 2008

A Sweet Surprise

I was on the phone one day last week with a friend of mine when there was a very loud knock at the door. It was so loud it made me jump! I checked to see who it was and to my surprise, it was the mailman. "Hmmmm, I thought. I haven't ordered anything lately. I wonder if it is for Dear Hubby." I opened the door and he handed me a package addressed to me. Inside was a nicely wrapped package and it had things inside for Dear Bebe! The package is from Michelle over on I'm a Little Teapot!How sweet and kind to think of her. She sent pretty reversible blankies (one is polka dotted and matches the nursery, way to go, Michelle!) and petite child's hangers in a lovely padded satin. There's even some sweet smelling and very fancy soap to keep everything fresh.

Thank you from all of us here at the Jillian's Pages household, especially from Dear Bebe! She is going to LOVE to snuggle up in those blankets. We feel so blessed to have such a kind friend in blogland. We're glad to have met you.

The love and friendship among bloggers is still so amazing to me, how we connect by reading each other's posts and learning about each other's lives. Very special, indeed!


Michelle said...

Dear Mommy, Daddy and Dear Bebe,

I'm so glad the package arrived and that you like all of your things.

Welcome to this big, beautiful world!


Ms.Daisy said...

OH, Jillian - that is such a nice surprise from your friend Michelle!
I know BeBe will just love to be wrapped up in the sweet blankets this winter!