Monday, October 20, 2008

Bebe's First Photo Session

Today Bebe had her first photo session. We went to a fabulous photography studio located in Central Pennsylvania. The woman who runs this business and is the photographer does amazing work. Take a look at the Pea Pod Photography website here for some examples of her work. Dear Hubby and I were included in the photos too and I just can't wait for them to be finished with our proofs. The next decision will be tough...picking out which photos to purchase. So many of them turned out well with creative angles and poses. This is where the difficulty will come in!

Dear Hubby said "it looks like this is going to be our Christmas gift to each other this year!" So, it sounds like we can at least buy more than one photo. Yay!

Dear Bebe did very well. Yesterday was her actual due date so she is about one month old. Still small like the size of a newborn, she was very alert and kept looking at the photographer which even surprised her!

I would love to post a photo from today but I did not get any digital proofs nor did I remember to bring my own camera! I had thought of it to take pictures of the photo session (I'm not even sure that would have been allowed) but forgot in the hustle and bustle of trying to get everyone ready this morning. I was just coming off of my late night/early morning shift and Dear Hubby was still trying to sleep in to recover from his overnight shift when the house turned into a flurry of activity. Get this ready, who's got the bottles ready, is the diaper bag packed. Whew! I'm learning, I'm learning. Here is a link to her blog to see more samples since I didn't get any today. Pea Pod Photography Blog

It is almost 40 minutes from our house and we made it there on time...and if anyone knows us (especially Dear Hubs) it is a miracle if we can arrive anywhere ON TIME.

I just know this was something I wanted to have done, a very special time to capture in pictures before she starts getting too big. Something to treasure for a lifetime.


Oliver Rain said...

Those pictures will be so special. She'll be little for such a short time and you'll always have a little way to remember.

Betty said...

Can't wait to see the pictures....enjoy every moment...times is so fleeting....Bettyp

Anonymous said...

I am sure you and dear hubby with Bebe took great pics. You have such a sweet family!