Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Night Shift

The night shift. I've never worked late at night before and you know, it is not so bad if you go to bed early. I just relieved Dear Hubby from his shift which started around 9pm last night. It is 2:30 am now. Dear Bebe is sound asleep. She will probably wake up now since I decided to try a blog update. If so, I am ready. This is one of the lessons I've learned. What I need or want, not important right now. I always knew this but you just don't LEARN it until you are the parent.

Here is a sweet sign I made for her room while I was in the "good phase" of pregnancy, you know months 5 and 6. It is an old barn board Dear Hubby had salvaged from an area demolition. I have to admit, I saw one on another gal's website called the Bella Cottage (BEAUTIFUL THINGS!) and I decided to try my own version in colors to match the nursery. I think it turned out ok! "My Sweet Baby" couldn't have turned out more true. Well, except we aren't French.
And I also wanted to point out that the polka dot border is not is handpainted by Dear Hubs. YES, he splotched each one on by hand...using a shoe shine kit sponge!

I got really lucky and found a little porcelain tea set which mimics Momma's LuRay dinnerware. I posted about it back in June but never led on to why I wanted it so badly!

Here's my chandelier project I kept working on. I still haven't trimmed the lampshades...sigh. I guess at this point I never will????

I also like this hat was in our laundry room/ half bath and was dark brown. During our redecoration this summer we decided it worked well in the nursery as a little "let's play dress up" area. Okay, so it's mostly for me to look at right now...but I just love it. Dear Hubby came home with the little dress from a store that was going out of business. Right now she is too tiny to fit into it but I'm sure many more late night feedings will help her to grow quickly.

And my dark circles will be almost permanent by then. But, it's all worth it.


Lucy Bloom said...

Belated congratulations on your new arrival, the nursery looks really pretty, hope you get used to your new routine soon!
Lucy x

Ms.Daisy said...

Your post brings back so many late night memories. You do get used to them over time...and then it's on to another phase! Each one having its own unique joys, laughs and tears. Congratulations on the birth of your precious baby girl.

The nursery turned out beautiful!

Ms. Daisy

Jen r. said...

Oh everything is so cute!!!!! Love the sign.. sleep will come again though our 5 year old was in bed with us last night and I didn't sleep much... What kind of TV work did you do??I think it is such a fun thing!

MJ said...

Your posts bring back so many memories. I did all the night shifts (and day shifts!). Once I was so exhausted that I woke in a panic not knowing where I had placed K! I had to get up and check her crib to ensure that she was okay!

Needless to say, I much more appreciate getting my 7 hours sleep (mostly uninterrupted!) now!

jennifer said...