Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Confessions of a Reality Show Junkie

Okay. I'll admit it. I'm a reality show junkie. I didn't really think I was until I started looking forward to what was on tv at night. This is where I sit and watch Dear Bebe or give her a nightly feeding. So the only thing I have to look forward to now are these reality shows while I am in Mommy Mode, which is of course, every night (and day!) Since Dear Bebe is taking her zzzz's right now, I'm going to start confessing. Before I do, I have to let you know we do not have cable TV or Direct TV or anything but an antenna. So all I get are the main broadcast channels which is why I will only mention certain network shows. I might have become an EVEN BIGGER JUNKIE if we did have many more channels....so maybe this is a good thing!

I mean, who can turn away from a guy who dances like this on Dancing with the Stars? Derek Hough. Has. My. Vote. Oh he's not up for election? He's too young for me? He still has my vote! Whoever said the way to a woman's heart is in the kitchen has got it really wrong. WOW. A man who can dance is IT!

The dancer in me of course also watches the OTHER dance show.... So You Think You Can Dance, which is currently not running right now. Which brings me to the confession that yes, I love to watch American Idol as well even though it is a singing contest.

I also like other shows like The Amazing Race. Something about this show has me riveted every time I watch it. Maybe it's the way the race brings out the good or bad sport in the team members. The pressure, the stress...how will they handle it? Who uses their brain? Or their brawn? Great stuff...and you can't script that kind of show either. It is the real deal. The host seems genuine too.

In the past I've really been into The Apprentice, but not as much now. In fact, I don't even know if it is going to be on again? I think they are doing Celebrity Apprentice now but I haven't been looking for it. Maybe it's time that show ended.

There's another show I wasn't going to admit to watching, but since I'm here blogging and confessing, I might as well. Yes, I tend to watch the entire episode of America's Next Top Model. I like the photo shoots and the creativity involved with setting them up. I think it is similar to photo shoots we would set up for TV commercials/promos. Except less model-ly. (New word I just made up!) I don't enjoy watching Tyra Banks either. She is quite taken with herself...but I guess confidence is a good quality????

What shows capture your attention? I do miss a good comedy every now and then. And the reality is.... until my time is filled with kiddie shows and Disney movies repeatedly watched over and over....I'm going to remain hooked on someone else's adventures.


Liz said...

Jon & Kate for me. :) Which is probably odd since I'm childess, but I cannot stop watching it!

I love Dancing With the Stars too.. so much fun spectacle. :)

Hug Bebe for me!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

We never seem to have the time to "follow" any show... just catch one here and there. Must be spending to much time on the computer... HA!
Karla & Karrie

Fifi Flowers said...

I haven't watched any of this season but I keep reading alot about the dancers and their new babies in the RAG mags.

Ms.Daisy said...

I have to admit that SOME of the reality shows do grab my attention, such as, America Has Talent, and American Idol when Jordin Sparks won!
I like Supernanny and I even got hooked into sometimes watching Trading Spouses (don't ask!) - but, I really like shows like LOST, BONES, and HOUSE.
So, I guess, truth to tell...I'm not so much a reality show junkie.

Luv you,
Had a great visit with you, SIL, and BeBe!

Mama Daisy