Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gramma's Visit

Gramma was here to see Dear Bebe! It was her first time seeing the baby and she just loved her from the moment she laid eyes on her. Here she is in Dear Bebe's nursery for a feeding. Gramma is so good...she must have done this somewhere before!

It was nice to have another set of hands for a few days. Gave Dear Hubby and I a chance to catch up on some needed sleep and to fit in a few little "chores" we had wanted to take care of. Believe it or not, we are still trying to keep up our antique booth. I have no idea how I will be able to stock it but for now, it is taking a lower priority than it used to. Some things are much more important!

Dear Bebe and Gramma had a good time together...Gramma spoiled her with lots of cradled arm holding and sweet Gramma kisses. We'll never be able to put her in the bassinet now.

How was your weekend? I'd love to hear about your adventures...for now I will live vicariously through your blogs while I am in the new baby phase!


Connie said...

She looks like a real beauty in her "PINK" little cap! Grandma looks like a typical doting grandma, sweetpea!! LOL
Smooches to the new one,

JILL said...

Something to look forward to: We had "family picture day" yesterday. Three kids...two pretty cooperative and then the toddler not so much. Nose picking, falling and getting a bloody lip. I hope we got a good photo or two!

Amy from Texas said...

Awww. Sweet photo. Congrats on the new baby. How exciting!!!

jennifer said...

Does she look as much like you as I THINK that she does from this picture? She is gorgeous!

Oliver Rain said...

I think of you often when I'm feeding the little ones at the nursery at work. Enjoy these moments. They will feel as if they go by so slowly, and sometimes very painfully, as you suffer from extreme lack of sleep and personal time, but in retrospect, the time really does fly by. Gramma must be in seventh heaven.

Remember...antiques will always be there...newborn Bebe will not, although she will get replaced quickly with few months old Bebe, toddler Bebe, and what I've heard is the worst of all, teenage Bebe.

dana said...


I had NO idea you were pregnant (I read you had kept it quiet to the blog world) and I didn't know Ms Daisy is your MOM!!! I'm just giddy with all kinds of excitement!
First, of course, congrats on your wonderful blessing! Everyone looks terrific and happy and your nursery is just adorable!!
Well, I'm still speechless, but agan a big old congrats to all of you!! Dana

Liz said...

She is so BEAUTIFUL! I'm so proud for you!