Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Up and Running...SLOWLY

Hello! Hello! I'm back. Albeit ever so slowly.

I decided I couldn't wait until the technician's arrival on Saturday to get online. Having the internet taken away abruptly has really taught me some lessons.

1. I have an addiction

2. When I'm without the internet I feel helpless.

3. The phone book print is teeny tiny

Since the number one lesson is obviously much worse than I had thought, I tried to figure out how I could get online without waiting the 3-4 days (Horrors!) until someone could either get us a new modem or find out what the problems is. I decided it was worth a shot to try the old dial up method. I found a disc from AOL in a box of things (luckily it wasn't too outdated) and I called the number on the back. About an hour later after hearing the familiar dial up sound....I am connected!

But I forgot how slow dial up can be. However, I am not complaining. Just thrilled to be able to reach out to the world again! Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Do they have Internet Anonymous sessions I could sign up for? I might need it.


Connie said...

Nope, no IA; ya have to go cold turkey, sweetpea!
That's why I have 5 computers! Never take the chance of being without at least 2 computers....... ;-)

Lisa said...

Yeah I don't think I'd do well!
Glad you are up until the REAL internet is fixed! hehe
Hugs, Lisa

Ms.Daisy said...

That's my girl...always thinking! Good for you! Glad you're baaaaack! Even if ever so slowly...

Ms.Daisy Mau

MJ said...

I'm with you: I begged my dh to unplug the phone but not to ever, ever turn off the computer during the day when I was a stay-at-home mom!

Ashley ~ said...

you're not kidding. A day without Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and Email, is like....is like....well, it's AWFUL, what can I say*!!!
As much as we hated dial-up being so slow, it's a lifesaver when it's all we have. Thank goodness for dialup, just hope we don't need it too often, or for too long.
(smile) Have a great rest of your afternoon*! _Ashley*