Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weathering the Storms

I would be an ungrateful person if I didn't say I'd had a great life so far. I have. But I didn't always feel this way. Often I felt the opposite.

There were some emotional rough "patches" for awhile in my life. Without going into them in detail I can just say I'm sure I'm no different than any other person. We all have times in our lives we don't feel confident or happy. I suppose it is how we get through them that matters.

I took this photo while on a trip in Maine. It is the front door of a church in Springfield. We were stopping to visit a thrift sale and the door just caught my I snapped the photo.

When I returned from the trip and had the film developed I framed it and wanted to give it a title. It occurred to me that I was feeling like the door appeared: shabby, weathered, and beaten up a little. The wreath however was placed there with love and kindness... as though the members love the church with all their hearts, no matter what the building has been through.

God is our wreath. He places His love and forgiveness upon us no matter what we've been through in our past. We weathered our storms and turned to Him. He accepted us with His inspiring and amazing grace.*

Stop by and visit Charlotte and Ginger's blog for more inspiring posts...or better yet, write your own! The list of bloggers who are joining Spiritual Sunday is growing each week.

How exciting.

*Check out the bible, especially the book of John for more on His amazing grace: John 3:16.


Renee said...

Oh, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photo and your insights.

RCUBEs said...

That is beautiful and the thought you had written about that picture. That wreath made that place more inviting. That's where my eyes were drawn first before I noticed the battered or old door that you had mentioned.

May our hearts' doors boast only in the Wreath that adorns them for people to see. God bless. Have a great weekend.

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Jillian; What a beautiful photo; and the story you wrote is just lovely... I have been where you and most every one out there has been, and to know the Love the Lord is so over powering, and comforting at the same time... thank you so much for your beautiful and inspiring story... have a great weekend.


MJ said...

A lovely post and photo. I'm glad you've framed it for your wall (but make sure to keep this post in an envelop on its back for those to discover and enjoy it in the future!)

Charlotte said...

What a great post. I love the picture of the door and the way you applied it t your life. You're right. I believe everybody goes through times when they don't feel confident or happy. I know I did. Thanks for sharing.

Loren said...

What a beautiful picture and story to go with it!

Thankyou for sharing this today!

hip chick said...

Lovely photo and thoughts. I love when God shows up like just have to open your eyes and seek His face and you realize that He is always there with you.

SmilingSally said...

Good illustration. Thanks for sharing. Happy Spiritual Sunday.

Ashley ~ said...

You just made my day*! Thank you*!
Have a great Spiritual Sunday*!
(((hugs)) _Ashley*

Lisa said...

The door is beautiful and the illustration even more so.

Cathy said...

Especially loved your last remark ~

Clif said...

Great picture and words of wisdom. We are planning a trip to Maine in October. I hope I see a church building like your picture. Thanks for posting.

shopannies said...

is it not wonderful how Gods love covers us like a wreath and like the circle that the wreath is shaped like Gods love is never ending and everlasting

enchanting cottage said...

What a beautiful~~beautiful post! This is a very peaceful picture.
I feel so blessed to be able to read all of these wonderful post.

Ms.Daisy said...

Great post! I love the door picture with the wreath which softens the shabiness - a lot like God does with our lives when they become not so good to look at!

Ms.Daisy Mau

Liz said...

Hi Jillian, long time no comment (on my part). :) I just wanted to tell you this is such a beautiful post. Really touching, and well timed for my day. :)

Jennifer Swan Hopkins said...

Hi, Lovely Post! Well I've been creating pieces and not blogging much at all. But I did want to touch base and invite you over.

My new blog site is up - Yippee! Please come visit. I now have my fabulous finished faerie boxes listed in a post - they are just yummy, go have a look; )

Remember, I am now at so please change any links you may have!


Mommy Firecracker said...

I so enjoyed reading your post. Lil Miss Firecracker is watching a Brady Bunch episode and I am catching up on some blog reading.

Thank you for being salt and light!