Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4th of July ~ Celebrate with Crafts

The 4th of July means more to me now as an older adult, than it ever has before.

Just a few years ago we discovered our ancestors did a lot more than just arrive to this country. Several of them fought for it....one was a Revolutionary War era soldier and another was a Civil War vet. Both on my Father's side of the family...his ancestors were early English settlers in the 1600's.

So I'm a little more patriotic now and I'm really firm in my beliefs.
While I don't live in this cute little white house with the patriotic bunting...it represents how I am bursting with pride and love for my country.

And I wanted to share my joy with you. So, I've looked for some crafty things for the fourth and I hope you enjoy the photos and freebie pics for your own use.

Several of the ideas, pics, and freebies are from the Country Living website. Instructions for many of the projects may be found there as well. Others I found through Better Homes and Gardens.

We love having friends over for picnics or cookouts...this looks festive!

This idea isn't too difficult if you have the dinner plates and the colors to match. The fan looks so great and it would be a good idea for hot days!

These look a little intimidating but I LOVE them!

Hey there...it's a VINTAGE pick up truck in the background. This picture looks so "AMERICANA" I love it. Although we don't have a barn, the farm, etc...the table can be duplicated anywhere. I have several pieces of red/white/blue patterned fabric I use on our serving table when we have cookouts. Helps set the "mood!" Make your own bubble wands in the shape of stars!

Or paints some stars!

I really like these "prize" ribbons...think I'll try making these.

This lady liberty door hanger looks possible to make...they even included the photo which I have for you.....right below:

I know some of you could make this pin in a cinch!

These little firecracker favors are sooooo cute. I think I could do this project too. Here are the photos needed:

Even if you don't make the favors...these pics are great for other ideas! Cards, placecards, gift tags, etc...

I was happy to see these didn't look too difficult either! CUTE!
We also like to play a game when we have several people that may not know each other very well, all coming to the gathering. Its fun and gets people talking to each other. Not sure the name of it but here's how it goes. (Change the theme and use it at other parties, too.)
Print out the names of famous Americans who helped in the early stages of building our country.

You know some of the easy names: George Washington, Ben Franklin, etc.

Then place them in a hat or bag. Each person chooses one and it is then taped to their back, name facing out. They cannot see who they've chosen. Each guest then has to go around and ask others three questions that can be answered with a YES or a NO. Like...

Is my person a man?

Was my person in politics?

Did my person fly a kite?

And so on.

The first person to get it correct wins! Lots of fun and even kids can play if they've studied their history...and it helps some of us adults refresh our history!

I'm off to go gather craft supplies! Hope you enjoyed some of the ideas! Only a few weeks left 'til the 4th!


Lisa said...

Love these!! Thanks for all the pics and info!
Hugs, Lisa

Ms.Daisy said...

Good post... I got a very happy feeling reading it and looking forward to the 4th!


MJ said...

You've been busy! American patriotism never ceases to amaze me!

Charlotte said...

What a great 4th of July post. I can't believe it is almost here. Where has this year gone?
I love it when people show their patriotism.

dana said...

The 4th of July has also become one of my favorite celebrations....not only for what it means to our country, but for how WONDERFUL those red, white and blue decorations look with our summery time of the year. I love the ideas you shared on this post.....some I have seen and others I haven't. I also love the vintage post cards!!

I have had my patriotic decor out since before Memorial Day and I leave it up through Labor Day. It's so festive and so inspirational!! God Bless America!

L, Dana

Dawn said...

Oh, I love the photos. My mom makes a desert with layered strawberries (Juice included), whip cream, topped with blueberries in a fancy wine-like glass, so cute to the red white and blue theme!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I love the patriotic crafts. They are so pretty in their red white and blue!