Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nine Months...Too Early For Birthday Planning?

Don't ask me why I'm already thinking about planning Dear Bebe's first birthday party. She just turned 9 months yesterday it too early?

I'd love to hear what others have done...themes, places where parties were held, big cake or little cupcake. I'm not planning a big bash or anything...but I do think it is something to celebrate. Maybe the party should be for the both of us! Mommy survived one year! Yeah!

Here's what I've come up with for ideas but nothing has been chosen yet:

1) Play off of her "baby meets shabby chic" theme in her nursery.

2) Ballerina (Mommy gets to use lots of pink!)
3) Nursery Rhymes/Songs (I found these little books with cd's in them for 1.00 each)

Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts, ideas, etc... and I'll do an update as I start to get plans together.

And yes, that is Dear Hubby hiding behind Bebe.


MJ said...

K is having her first children-invitee party this year. We've always just had the smaller family-only party with grandparents and aunts invited (as all other cousins are almost adults!). We felt that it would be most meaningful for the grandparents/family (and less overwhelming to the birthday girl) to monopolize the first few years and then, once they start developing relationships, their friends start coming.

We've tended to have family over for a bbq and cake. This tradition is slowly ending! Likely no family party for K this year either but visit my blog in July to see what I've lined up for her party!

Lisa said...

Sounds fun! Try not to over do it the little one can get overwhelmed. Decorate it up but keep the activities simple too many presents can be hard on a little one!!
JUST HAVE FUN!!! Take lots of pics!
Hugs, Lisa

Ashley ~ said...

What a cutie*!!! Never too early to plan fun stuff for that little one*! (((hugs)) _Ashley*

MaidenShade Too said...

Oh my what an angel! Darling baby. Just kiss her lots and eat cake with her and whisper "I thank God for the day you were born" into her yummy ear as you nibble and squish her. That's party enough.


dana said...

I think you should do what ever you want to, Jillian, to celebrate the little Bebe's first birthday. We tended to invite close friends and family when our kiddos were was more of a celebration for US, of the day we received our little gift from heaven. This 3rd party for our little grand girl was the first one with a "theme" (Wizard of Oz)--and she was really into it....that made it so much fun. I'll have a second post about that party of Monday.

Hope all is well!! L, Dana

Dawn said...

I think the shabby chic, she has that in her room so it will be familar, sometimes (as everyone said) it's overwelming and babies get tired very quickly.
Dana is right about 3, we did a truck theme for my son, handmade tableclothes, banners, trucks on the cake. He loved it! Until then it was inconspicuous snowmen. (winter baby)
My daughter is summer, she had princess theme with a tiny Jazzman(aladdin) on her gumdrop castle cake, too cute!
PS. 6 months is not to early!

kab said...

No way! Celebrate that sweet, sweet, adorable baby girl!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Just having a lil wonderful girl would be an exciting opportunity for celebration.

Enjoy the process-- its really for you-- and of course all the fantastic pictures you will take. And one day she will say-- wow.. all that and i didnt even know what was going on :)

And you will tell her -- it was all for her because you loved her so dreamily.

TTFN~~Claudia ♥