Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To Twitter, To Twitter, Too Tweet!

I did it! I joined the popular trend, Twitter. I said I wasn't going to and I did. Why? Just curious I guess!

It's my latest experiment I really don't have time for but am going to try anyway. Should be interesting. So far I've joined, logged on, added a photo, changed my twitter background to pink polka dots (surprised?) and added about 18 followers. Oh, and I added TWITTER to my Jillian's Pages sidebar. For my first two days I'm totally impressed with my Twittering Tweets!

I'd love to be able to twitter from my cell phone ...then I realized that could start to add up on the cell phone bill! Dear Hubs will not like this AT ALL. Maybe I ought to just twait a bit before I go too twazy. Ha!

Follow along with me if you care to see how it works...I'm twying it out to twee if I like it!

You can see me twitter on my side bar...

So far, I think it is great! Anyone else twittering out there? Anyone want to try it with me? Go ahead and tell me what you twink! (I couldn't resist that last one.)


MJ said...

Too much of a twit to twitter, I fear, but I think the Elmer Fudd accent in your post is sweet!

Lisa said...

Hi! I too was skepictal but it's fun! I just through random things out there. It's fun!
Follow me it's pupylov like my blog!
Hugs, Lisa

Jillian, Inc said...

I've had a Twitter account for almost a year but just can't get that into it. I don't have much to say, I guess. But I do love "stalking" Dara Torres...she's a great tweeter! and we've tweeted about hair - ha!

kab said...

You are twoo funny!!!!