Monday, June 1, 2009

Australia ~ The Movie Review

Australia, the latest movie Dear Hubs and I have had time to watch and unfortunately I think it was a waste of it.

It had SO MUCH potential. The director tried to make it so many things...and did not follow the K.I.S.S theory. Keep it Simple Stupid!

The story is about a British woman (Nicole Kidman) who "inherits" a cattle ranch in Australia and discovers her cattle is being stolen out from under her. She then hires Mr. Single hot guy (Hugh Jackman) to help her save the day. It's a story about a little aborigine boy who needs a family and a possible adoption. It's also a story about how the Japanese bombed their islands after having bombed our Pearl Harbor. (This was an interesting historical fact I did not even know and would have made a great movie.) If they had just stuck to one of the themes it may have helped. But to make matters worse, they also threw in a weird Wizard of Oz tie in which I didn't seem to get. . . WHY?

The final straw after seeing so many Wizard of Oz cliches throughout the flick was when dear Hugh utters "There's no place like it" after Nicole Kidman says we're home!


Didn't he think this was the worst line written for a movie EVER? What was Nicole Kidman thinking when she agreed to do this film? Did she read the script?

It was so bad in my opinion it gets the lowest popcorn rating I've given to date:

Why the half of a popcorn you ask? Well, Hugh Jackman is sweet eye candy!

Tell me what you thought of the movie, or any other film you've seen recently. And to any of you who really liked Australia, my apologies for tossing this one far far into the Australian outback...where it belongs. Maybe if I click my heels three times, it will get better.


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I loved that this movie had tons of different details. It kept me interested with all it's twists and ties. The historical facts, (WWII as well as aboriginal influences) were so deep that when I watched it a second time even more were appearent. Wizard of OZ although cheesy was actually a part of the historical facts they thre into it. I am a sucker for history and love, so this movie wasn't for everyone.

Jillian, Inc said...

I've been wondering how it was and now I'm glad I didn't pay the money to sit and watch it in the theater.

Jillian said...

Thank you so much for adding your view to the movie, Ele! I really appreciate a different thought on it...


Lisa said...

Oh I so agree, it deserved something just for Him!! I also was not so impressed. I always wonder if it's because I'm at home and can't keep my mind on it. It was a dud. BUT not the worst I've seen lately. DON'T see Seven Pounds with Will Smith, I slept through half of it and didn't miss a thing!!! I did rent New in Town last night and it was pretty good considering it got no press. I love Harry Connick Jr. so it was good. Renee Zellweger was not at her best but part was just the character. SO try it if you have time. Hugs, Lisa

Shelia said...

Thanks for the review, Jillian! I just love Nicole Kidman, but seems this movie won't be worth seeing! They are two beautiful people though!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Auntie Sugartunes said...

Great review....I'll save the time and skip it for now! Love your humor Sista!

Anonymous said...

Thank You! I thought it was just me-- I like eye candy Hugh but as for this movie I was seeing the back of my eye lids after awhile! I so agree with your viewpoints on Australia and wish I had skipped it!

MJ said...

I quite liked Australia, but then I have a thing about history and movies, especially WWI and WWII eras. I also appreciated the differences between different Commonwealth countries. I didn't mind the Wizard of Oz references either! I realize I'm in the minority on this as most reviews had your reaction to it! lol!

dana said...

Well, I am disappointed to read this review---I'd hoped to rent the movie, but I won't now!! Especially since they messed with The Wiz!! After all, that's all we've been thinking about in our family---my Gr Girl is having a Wiz of Oz third bd party on Sun!! I'm making ruby slippers and a 'pin the heart on the tin man game'--and lots of other swell stuff!! Shame on Nicole and Hugh for pulling The Wiz down with them!!

You are a great movie reviewer, Jillian!!! Thanks, I did enjoy reading your take on it---I must add "Don't go see Night at the Museum". PU---zero pop corn bags--NO eye candy. :) Dana

Joyce said...

I haven't seen it yet but have heard alot about it.....ummm mainly about Hugh Jackman! HA!
So I will probably skip it FORSURE now....thanks for telling us.
Be blessed.

Ms.Daisy said...

My "ugh" part was when Hugh Jackman showed up at the charity ball ala Humphrey Bogart standing in the doorway waiting for all to "check him out!" A real stinkeroo movie and waaaaay too long!