Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stand By Me

Yesterday I added some "vintage" photos to my Facebook page...I wanted to share this photo, among others with family and friends. This photo in particular I sent to the son of my Father's best friend. My Dad is the tall guy in the middle. His friend is to the left of him. I think they had been friends since they were about 5 years old. They were so close my Sister and I called him "Uncle." Unfortunately Uncle P passed away about 9 years ago. My Dad misses him a lot.

I love this photo. Three scruffy kids, taking a break to pose. Not sure who took the picture, maybe my Grandmother. It captures a moment in time that I wasn't able to see.

It definitely reminds me of the movie "Stand By Me."

Even the glasses are the same!

Not sure which "character" my Dad would have been. I'm guessing the lead role, narrated by Richard Dreyfuss as an older man.

Either way, the photo is a great snapshot and I love looking back in time, especially a time I missed when my parents were young!


Lisa said...

That's so cool! Don't you just love those! A friend of my commented on what super power she would love to have and said it would be to go into pictures and see what was happening at the time they were taken! I so agree!

Jillian said...

That would be cool!

Ms.Daisy said...

Great photo I had never seen beore. Thanks! That is Uncle P on the left and they met when Uncle P moved next door when they were around 7 years old.


Jillian said...

Ah! Thank you for the correction, Ms. Daisy. Can't believe you never saw that one before. It must have been in Grandmom's collection.

MJ said...

Great photo! I love your comparison to "Stand by Me" which seems so accurate!

dana said...

What a great photo, Jillian!! Yes, your dad and his friends do look like the guys in the movie!! How great that you have that treasure! Your trip to the farm looks like so much fun--bet the little Bebe loved the calf!! Your trip with your MIL to the antique shops looked great, too!!

Hope your week is going well! L, Dana

Dawn said...

How neat is that!? Friend meant something, like junk yard adventures, penny candy habits and girlfriends at the sock hop. Today....video games take over. Everything.

Charlotte said...

Those were the days. I always liked those Pontiacs like the one the boys are sitting on. Time changes everything.