Monday, June 15, 2009

Car Show ~ Vintage Va-room!

What's a pink lovin', ballet dancin', busy mama like me doing at a car show?
Good question! Well, it has lots of things I enjoy.

1) Vintage Themes
2) Photo Ops
3) Food!

So let's pop the cap off of an ice cold coca cola...vintage syle...and I'll show you way of my favorite photos I took on Saturday.

This was the second year our church held a car show. Last year I took photos and the couple that organizes it used my pictures for different things like advertising, I did it again this year.

I love getting creative with my camera. Not sure how they could use this photo but I thought it was cool! I'm not even sure what kind of car it was but it looked neat. See? I shouldn't even be doing this. Ha!

I thought it was ironic the license plate read: CHEVROLET USA-1!
American car companies= not so good.

Lots of chrome on this one! Someone did a lot of shining! That's not really for me. I'd rather be taking the pictures...

Whooie. Look at this one. There was a drawing to win a free ride in it. That would be tough. ONE FREE RIDE. Just one...then you have to get out. Imagine if that's how car dealerships ran things. Oh wait a minute. That IS how they do things. Then you have to pay $80,000 for the rest of the rides!

This one I'm SURE Dear Hubs likes. Big muscley sounding engine. Still, not for me. But I like the color!

Now this fifties Caddy, I LOVED. I even voted for it. Alas, it didn't win. But I took lots of photos of this one. It reminded me of the car we used for our wedding.

Okay. So this was more my speed. This little gal wouldn't crack a smile for me but she looked so darn cute in her little car I had to get her photo.

Hope you enjoyed my photo tour! Maybe I've found a new career photography!

Okay, don't answer that.


MJ said...

I've spent hours at show n' shines! My dad collected cars. I appreciate them but it's taken many years before that happened!

Jillian, Inc said...

Never been to a car show, but my brother's father-in-law is really big into them and they go every weekend in the summer. Love your photos. And that little girl at the end is adorable. Looks like she needs an ice cold COKE!

Michelle said...

Your photos are great! Car shows are so fun..someday I want my T-bird. Oh well, until then, come visit my blog to see what I have!


Ms.Daisy said...

Loved the cars - great photos! Your comments are too funny! Good job!


Lisa said...

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing!!

jennifer said...

I have had some much fun srolling through your blog and getting caught up a bit. Wonderful pictures (the Stand By Me post made me grin) and I love the pictures of Bebe getting her picture taken.

I would have voted for the Cadillac too! And I would love to give my husband a Mustang with a great big bow on top!

Ashley ~ said...

All the cars were pretty, but the little pouty blonde in that red convertible is the best*!!! *GRIN*