Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Fun Part

When I was a teenager I started taking a closer look at vintage things. All I had to do was check out all of my Grandmother's collectibles.
It seems as though I haven't stopped "checking things out." I'm still buying, collecting, and sorting.

But I think now the part I enjoy is making them ready to find new homes. I love it! The excitement of not knowing which piece will tickle someone's fancy.

Could it be this?

Or these?

You just never know. And that's the fun part. If you like checking as much as I do...take a look at my latest listings on Bella Rosa Antiques.

How I'm finding time to do this while taking care of Dear Bebe is beyond me. Luckily she is still taking good naps!


Lisa said...

Oh great finds! You can get done what you want to get done! Naps are GOOD.
Hugs, Lisa

The Pink Potpourri said...

oooh what fun finds! i love the word builder :)

MJ said...

The word builder is a treat! I thought, "how great for scrapbooking" but that would be so unfair to a collector!

Michelle said...

Thanks for finding all the fun things for us to look at!

Naps are such a good thing... enjoy!


Dawn said...

Oh, I LOVE the bust! How beautiful!
I had one nap so, so well, I mean O-U-T, the other.....20 minutes here and there. Nothing better than a good napping baby.