Monday, August 18, 2008

Feeling Lazy

Now that all of the excitement has died down with the biggie birthday, the blogaversary, etc...I am feeling a bit... well, lazy. It could be the uh,, dog days of summer (more like the kitty days) or I'm just tired from all of the things we've been doing. This leads me to realize however there are more projects I wanted to get done this summer.

One of them is finishing my honeymoon scrapbook. (Did she say honeymoon?) Well that was four years ago and counting and yes, I did not finish it. Terrible! So that is on my list.

I had planned on framing and matting more of my photography to sell in our booth...but I haven't gotten around to that either. This is something I could work on in the fall maybe?

Then there's the basic clean out and restock/store of the antiques we have not sold or haven't even gotten around to pricing, listing or selling. Being an antique dealer is fun but it also comes with this never ending stash (or should I say pile?) of stuff. The clean out is usually a HUGE task and will involve Dear Hubs. I struggle sometimes getting him on board for this project. He enjoys the hunting, not the sorting and storing. Who can blame him? It's not fun. Nor is it pretty. But it is oh so necessary if you like to have a normal living space to walk around in, which I do.

Another project is to work on the 3 or 4 pieces of furniture Dear Hubby and I have picked up on our travels. These are stored in the basement. One is a cute little display case table...which we need to replace the top Plexiglas piece with actual glass. Another is a handmade sofa table with three cut out squares to cover with glass and use as a display case. I can just picture it filled with either ivory buttons and old family relics or seashells and vintage photos. Really neat. And it is still sitting in storage. (Oh the lovely basement. THANK GOODNESS for the basement! I'll try to snap pics and add these pieces to the post.) This sofa type table goes on my list as one of the first things to work on. See, this is why the honeymoon scrapbook is not finished!

And my goal was to get these things done this summer. Oh dear. Time is going by so fast now. Well, summer is technically over in late September, right? A project a week and I'm set!


PS. I wanted to thank all the lovely bloggers who left such sweet and fun comments about the blogaversary. I really enjoyed reading them all and it just helped make the whole experience that much better! You gals are the best!


Oliver Rain said...

I am feeling the crunch too now that summer is nearly over. I don't think I've completed ANYTHING on my list. I love the top pic of the kitties. So cute.

Connie said...

Whatever makes that army guy happy, you have my permission to do!! And do give him smoochies and hooooahs from this USMC family......

Liz said...

Hey Jillian. I'm just going to say I named my mixer that in honor of you and your red hair! :) Actually, I've always loved that name, hence my choice. :)

Michelle said...

I'm tired just reading your "To Do" list ~ have fun with your projects..


Melissa said...


I am so sorry I missed you post on your blogaversary.

Happy Blogaversary to you and many more.


Ms.Daisy said...

Dear Jillian,
Sometimes I feel the same way about getting things put back where they belong...somehow, they end up somewhere else and they don't belong there either! Oh well!

I have a tag for you over on my post - - - come on over and pick it up if you want to!


MJ said...

Oh! A basement to store things in! What a concept! LOL! I hope to have one back by early November! That's far too long away for me!