Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pink Roses to Enjoy

There's nothing like a vase full of flowers...and this picture has preserved one of my favorite looks. A vase full of PINK roses. Sure, red roses are traditional and convey such meaning, but these are just sweet!

They were a gift to me this past weekend to use as a display piece for a party we had. I'll have to blog about it more soon. . . I do have a birthday coming up...but that's not what the roses were for. I also have a blogaversary coming up in the near future...and I have some ideas on how to celebrate it with you.

For now I just wanted you to enjoy these gorgeous blooms as much as I am this week.


Connie said...

I DID enjoy those beauties and that is absolutely the best color, sweet jillian chickadee!

Oliver Rain said...

These are so pretty. Cannot deny the beauty of a bunch of rose, no matter the colour. Great work on the bathroom, definite improvement. I really like how it turned out.

Betty said...

The roses are truly beautiful...I am pink rose sort of girl while other people prefer red roses.....

Thanks for visiting with me...looking forward to your 'blogaversary'...Betty

Ms.Daisy said...

Wow! What a beautiful "bunch" of pink roses! There just isn't anything to rival them! Enjoy!


Ms. Daisy

Liz said...

I agree... pink and orange flowers are my favorites. :) Have a great Friday!