Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer Lovin' Italian Style Pasta Salad

Summer. The best time of year. No coats, long days, lots of sunshine, barbecues and great foods. It is no wonder I love this time of year. So what if the kids are all going back to school. It ain't over. Especially not while I still have great foods growing on the vine. Like tomatoes.

When life gives you ....uh...make pasta salad.

These are some of my favorite ingredients to use. You could vary it a little. I also like to add marinated artichoke hearts or black olives. Dear Hubby does not like either one, so lucky for him, I did not have them handy and couldn't put them in. I did have a jar of green olives and I sliced up a few to throw into the mix...but so far he hasn't said anything!

After I boil the tri color rotini and give it a cool water bath, I add my pre cut ingredients. Today's choice : Yellow onions, red ripe tomatoes (grown here!,) cheese, minced garlic, sliced green olives, sweet basil, salt, pepper, parmesan and romano cheese, and some parsley flakes.

(Notice the LuRay salad bowl???? One of my favorite pieces in the collection for everyday use. I also have one in pink, of course!)

For the dressing I simply use EV olive oil and red wine vinegar.

And there you have it. My version of Italian pasta salad. Mmmmmm! Delizioso!

May summer's reign live on! At least for another month.


Joanne Kennedy said...

Now this sounds perfect! I want some right now. Yummy.


dana said...

OK, Ms Jillian, I just finished GH and am getting ready to go sew, but I needed a little snacky and a blog fix, so I'm parked infront to screen--spooning cereal into my mouth and THINKING oh---would ya look at her pasta salad. That looks so delish---I love the idea of artichokes, too! All of the ingredients sound perfect! I just might have to fix up a batch for myself! I love your display case and the washstand. Both colors would look great---yes, glass knobs for sure! I hope your day is great. I think I'll just take a quick nap--and then sew! dana

Pat said...

Mmmmmm...thsi looks good Jillian!I'd like it with the artichoke hearts and black oives too!

Hugs, Pat

Jen r. said...

Yum, I love pasta salad! Jen R

Mary said...

Jillian, Your salad looks wonderful!
I could eat on that for several days,Hubby and daughter would get tired. I got some spinach today to make this wonderful one from a tea house. Baby Spinach,sliced strawberries,sliced almonds and Raspberry vinaigrette. The stored have several brands now. Not as good as the Tea place,but almost. I think you could put a few raspberries in also.Have a great day Hugs, Mary:)

Rue said...

Hi Jillian :)

My mouth is watering! All I had today was two slimfast bars. I have to lose weight for the military ball coming up... ugh. I wish dinner hour would get here already! ;)

Love those two future projects!

rue :)