Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quirky Movies Worth Watching

If you're into quirky movies like I am, you might want to check out two of the sweetest and quirkiest movies I've seen in a long time. Quirky in a good way, as I like to say.

The first is Waitress, starring Keri Russell and my oh my, Nathan Fillion. I have to note that I don't remember seeing Nathan in any other movie before, but he caught my attention here. Or was that my breath he took away??? Cutie!

The movie is about a young gal in a small town who is trapped in an extremely terrible marriage with a controlling, mean, and insecure husband. She likes to make pie however and it is through the pies she finds her happiness. The rest of her tale I will let you see for yourself if you'd like. The other mentionable to the movie is sad. The director and supporting actress, Adrienne Shelly, was murdered last year in her New York apartment. Very tragic ending to her life but according to the special features on the DVD, she was loved by all. Her movie portrays this and this is another reason to watch. I'd give it 4 popcorns for it's spunk and "real" quality.

And speaking of "real," the next movie, Lars and the Real Girl, is VERY quirky and you have to be able to see the "real" meaning behind what is obviously a very silly thing. The lead character falls in love with a "blow up doll" and acts as if she is his actual girlfriend. Right there, many people might be turned off, which I was at first, so I never rented it. But after another viewer recommended it, I decided to check it out. I'm glad I watched the movie because it shows how there are people in this world with "real" mental problems, which I knew of, but never thought much about.

What is unique about the film is how the rest of the people in his environment saw his problem was real and tried to help him by going along with it. Many parts are touching and sweet and I know many of you ladies just love Ryan Gosling and he doesn't disappoint. The movie never goes too far or feels forced... you just go along with his journey with him as he tries to come to terms with his emotions. I'd also give this one 4 popcorns.

Check them both out when you get a chance... I'm glad I did.

Now excuse me while I go see what other movies that dark haired Nathan Fillion has been in before... and put them at the top of my "to see" list!

PS. Editors Note: Yes, I just discovered that Nathan Fillion has been on Desperate Housewives and yes, I do live under a rock. I just don't watch the show and had no idea he was on there!

Oh, let's just go on and give him 5 popcorns!


Ms.Daisy said...

Love your quirky movie reviews! I've already seen "Lars and the Real Girl," and makes me want to rent "waitress" tonight!
Good post!


P.S. Your Editor's Note is hilarious!

Oliver Rain said...

I loved Waitress. It was such a sweet movie. I saw Lars & the Real Girl the other day at the video store. I will have to rent it another time. I am absolutely gorging myself on chick-flicks right now. I've watched Penelope, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Election, Definitely Maybe, & Chocolat in the last four days. I would recommend all of them for quirkiness and general "goodness".

Rue said...

Hi Jillian :)

I really want to see Waitress, but I haven't yet. We just watched The Other Bolin Girl and it was really good. Not quirky, but good :)


Michelle said...

I'm so wanting to rent movies and hang out! Thanks for the reviews.


P.S. I posted my songs!

Pat said...

I loved Waitress! It made me want to bake a pie! I've liked Kerri Russel since she was on the TV show "Felicity" My daughter and I use to watch that show together and talk about college
(my daughter was in HS then)

I haven't seen the other movie but now I'll look for it...thanks!

Hugs, Pat

MJ said...

I miss the show, "Felicity", and was quite disappointed when it was cancelled!

The movies both look interesting but dh isn't into real chick flicks so I don't tend to rent them. (He's not often absent!) The Lars movie reminds me of a documentary I've seen ~ sadly, it isn't too far from the truth in Japan (I believe).