Friday, August 1, 2008

LuRay Cream Soup ~ The Search is OVER!

My hunt for LuRay dinnerware never ends...which is okay with me because I think it is half of the fun. Some of the pieces are harder to find than others. The cream soup is one of them. It has taken me about ten years to complete the above set of four, as of today.
My latest acquistion is the cream soup in persian cream. The hunt is over for this little gem! Oh how I've waited. I may just have to use it to celebrate the occasion.

Now my next question for myself is... do I want to try and go for a set of 8????

We'll see what I can find over the next decade!

If you're looking for more good reading on LuRay, I have posted several times about this dinnerware before on these posts below:

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I also have a few pieces left for sale on my website,
Bella Rosa Antiques.

Happy collecting!


Connie said...

It looks "luscious", honey!

Gina said...

Oh how I adore the creamy pastels, so sweet and inviting.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Jillian, (love your name) Please do join us for pink Saturdays. We'd love to have you. Just let Beverly know over at How Sweet the Sound so she can add you to her list.

MJ said...

I'm cheering for you! I'm so glad you found these items for your collection! Enjoy using them!

Ms.Daisy said...

Hooray you found it! I'm so happy for you and, of course, go for the set of eight!


Ms. Daisy