Friday, August 8, 2008

Gonna Be Forty

Yes, ladies, the biggie birthday is coming up. This Tuesday. I have been dreading this day...which is terrible because I love celebrating my birthday. I love summer, too, so this should be a very special time...but for some reason...well, I'm sure you understand.

My question today is...what should I do to celebrate it? I'd love to hear what you would suggest.

Dear Hubby has offered to have couples over for a get together next weekend which I am contemplating...but for some reason I just don't FEEL LIKE IT.

Can you believe it?
Help me out here, girls.


Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh to be turning 40 again! How I wish! My 40s were great!

No no no don't have people over. It is to much work. You have to clean, entertain and play hostess.

Go somewhere fun. Not sure where you like to go. Maybe talk him into a weekend get away??


Joanne Kennedy said...

Opps, I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Even if it's early.


Connie said...

I'd go out to a lovely restaurant with hubs and then go home, sweetpea. It's YOUR birthday so celebrate it how you want.

Pat said...

Hi Jillian!


I think you should do something special you enjoy ... go to a romantic B&B or an extra special restaurant, or go to a show. Enjoy and celebrate!

Hugs, Pat

svelteSTUFF said...

'Forty is the new Thirty'... or so everyone keeps say 8-). I'm on the brink of 41... and so far '40' isn't so bad (knock on wood). I found that Tequila at our local hangout with a BUNCH of friends (ALL older than me!!) was a Great way to welcome in the next decade. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!

Rue said...

Good morning Jillian :)

I think these two lovely ladies are right. I wouldn't have people over or you will be doing all the work.

Do you have a favorite restaurant or bed and Breakfast you like to go to? Is there anything that you have wanted to do, but usually don't because your husband doesn't enjoy it all that much? Turning 40 is a big deal. I'm a year behind ya, so I can feel it coming LOL

Whatever it is you do... have fun! Happy Birthday :)


Donna Lynn said...

I adored my 40th, a bunch of girlfriends took me out for chinese, stuck a huge glittery tiara on my head and got to open loads of presents! Now 50, that is gonna be the ONE!!!!!! Ya know, it is wonderful to celebrate another year no matter what, it means we are still alive and well! PRAISE GOD!!!!

Us girls need to share all of our staying young secrets with one of mine is, keep your hair longer, and highlighted, and an up to date hairdo! This takes the edge off of your age so much, wear a really good sunscreen on your face everyday too!

Bless you on Tuesday, remember 40 is not considered middle age anymore, 50 is cause everyone is living longer now, so cheer up, your just young thing still!!!!!


dana said...

40! You are a mere CHILD! I know how you feel, but I felt ancient when I turn 30!!! I actually feel younger now that I am REALLY OLD, than I did twenty years ago. I think my attitude has turned more to the appreciation of life and not the amount of years I have spent on this earth. My sis died unexpectedly when she was 40---just eight months after my dad passed away. That time put a whole new spin on aging for me. I really try to love each day as best I can---I am not always successful at it, but I try!

Happy 40th, Jillian, and MANY more! My favorite way to celebrate is lunch with my friends, followed by a great dinner out with my husband! Whatever you do---I hope you have terrific time!

Natasha Burns said...

It's tuesday here in less than an hour so Happy Birthday! If you dont' feel like celebrating, then just eat lots of chocolate!!! xo

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Jill!
First, your bathroom make-over looks so great, love the shells in the pretty jars and I surely love wainscotting!
I am for wearing a glittering tiara on your b-day, I shoulda did that for mine, I had mine in July (a few years past 40 now...) The best thing is to do something fun for you! I just got my hair done and now I feel better! THAT is such a treat!! In case I am not on the pc tomorrow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ahead!!! It is nice to make such a lovely new friend!!! Surround yourself w/more of those beautiful pink roses too!

Jillian, Inc. said...

Happy Birthday! I turned 40 last November and so far it's been a wonderful year. I think you need to celebrate for at least a week. D-R-A-W it out....ha! I agree that having people over isn't really that much fun for the Birthday Girl. You do have to play hostess even if people bring the food, etc. Personally, I love going out to eat someplace really special with my husband. I also love facials and/or massages. Try a hot stone massage if you've never had one = heaven.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Jillian, Tell hubby you want to go somewhere special. Get your hair and nails done, then on for a new dress or slacks. Don't forget the cute shoes:) I think 40 is very special...You will alway remember it! Then another day get your girlfriends together and go to lunch or Tea...Hope you have a Wonderful Day whatever you decide.
May God Bless you with a Lovely New Year.Hugs Mary :)

svelteSTUFF said...