Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kreating a New Look

A Kreativ Blogger award has been bestowed upon me by Ms. Daisy over at The Daisy Chain. Thank you, Ms. Daisy! What an honor!

While this is a WONDERFUL award to receive however...(I love being creative), I now feel the pressure to live up to it's title!

So it just happens that I have projects to work on. I mentioned them in a post here. I was supposed to have worked on them all throughout the summer. I could come up with some excuses but right now, I won't . Let's just start by showing a couple of them.

First we have this cute display case. We picked this up at the antique mall where we have a booth. Another dealer was closing up shop and was selling this in his last days. The top is plexiglas and very scratched. I think it has potential. I'm thinking white washed or shabby white paint...a new glass top and fill it with vintage goodies from old buttons to photos to silver collectibles. The problem will be: Will I sell it or keep it for myself?

Next we have this adorable child's sized (doll?) vanity. This was something dear hubby brought home one day. He was at a neighbor's house and the elderly gentleman said it had been his wife's and her Father had made it for her when she was a girl.
The cute oval mirror is missing in the picture because the frame is currently being repaired by Dear Hubs...
Can't decide...white or light pink?

The knobs would be nice to leave on but I am picturing little glass knobs...these are tiny and I need to find small replacements. Maybe on ebay? Anyone have a good idea for me?

And the funny part about all of my projects is...this latest one wasn't even on the list! It is a new addition. I think this is why I can't seem to get the other projects done. So I may have received the Kreativ Blogger award but do they have one for the Procrastinating (...er shall I dare say it... Lazy) Blogger?

I'll get my speech ready.

In the meantime, if you have a project still on your list this summer ...feel free to accept the Kreativ Blogger award from me. Go ahead! Add it to your post...it is a great motivational tool!


Oliver Rain said...

That little dresser is so sweet. I picture it in a very pale pink. Maybe a pink-tinged white? I found some sweet little crystal(ish) knobs at store for fairly cheap. They were from a pretty well-known company, if I could remember what it was. If I remember I'll let you know. Or if the knobs are really tiny, how about working with beads. There must be someway to attached a crystal bead to a screw or bolt. Just thinking...

Connie said...

Hmmmm, I'd paint the original knobs and decoupage them. Easy to do and quite cute as I've done it, sweet chickee!

Michelle said...

That is a sweet dresser ~ I vote for glass knobs.

Have fun!