Friday, August 15, 2008

One Year Blogaversary!

Wow, I can't believe a year has passed already since I started this blog. It is amazing to me how much the blog has changed, how much I have changed, and how much I have enjoyed blogging.

What started out as a way to get over a painful experience turned into a wonderful journey. I knew I needed something to take my mind off of my pain. And the blog did that for me. I went from being worried about "how to blog" to creating my own graphics! Things I never thought I could do, I did. And I even found encouragement and support to start my own online antique store. Then I started encouraging others to start a blog! Amazing!
So, to celebrate, instead of having another giveaway, I thought the only thing appropriate right now would be to take a look back at a wonderful year. Maybe some of you who are new to my blog haven't had a chance to read more about me or what I've been doing these past twelve months.

My first post. We had just returned from the beach and I was excited to have pictures to post as well as actually GETTING STARTED with a blog. It seemed so intimidating at first. I had read other gal's blogs, and was also following along with my colllege girlfriend's blog (Bobby's Escapades) when I thought...hey, I should just DO THIS. So I did.

Then we had a "send off" dinner for my Stepdaughter... as she went off to her first year of college, away from home. She was excited about the year that lay before her and we were excited for her.

Every year we make a trip up to Maine to visit my Dad. He loves it up there and we have grown to love it too. We see something new every year. This year we won't be able to take the trip however, but maybe next year. For now we can look back at our former adventures. This is a shot of me in Baxter State Park along one of the many falls. So peaceful and soothing!

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. I love going to Maine because there are so many photo opportunities! This was in Baxter State Park, a 42 mile journey by car if you take the whole scenic route, which we did. I think that is Mt. Katahdin looming in the background.

We also make a point of stopping at a lighthouse each time we go. This is the Nubble Light near York Beach. It sits on it's own special island so you can't walk right up to it. But, the morning we were there was gorgeous. As one of the locals remarked to us outloud ...."It's a real stunna!" We agreed.

We were on a roll as far as going places. The next adventure was camping in the "family camper." We share it between my Dad, Sister, and I. But, my Sister hasn't really taken an interest in using it so my Dear Hubs has gladly accepted the use of it when he can. I however, can take it or leave it. I can be a city gal at times.

Which leads me to our next trip which was Pittsburgh! I had never been there before and it was fun taking in the sights.

And while shopping a gift shop, yes, Dear Hubby thought this was the perfect hat for me. (Pink!) I wasn't so sure.

Then before we knew it ...Thanksgiving was upon us!Then a trip up to the Poconos for a party at Skytop Lodge! Always a good time ... I love going there because it has this old fashioned feel. Everyone always says "It's like the lodge on the movie Dirty Dancing." And they treat each guest like royalty. Highly recommend!

And then we were celebrating Christmas. A special time of year when we remember the reason for the season....The Greatest Story Ever Told!

And we love to have the whole family together. Here Dear Hubby is opening his birthday presents from his children. (He was a lucky fella to be born near Christmas, eh? No matter how hard you try to make it special, unfortunately it just gets blended in with all the other holiday celebrating!)

Then I was helping out a close friend of mine by taking a Flat Stanley along with us on some of our we took him up to the family farm for another Christmas celebration. Ever meet a Flat Stanley? It's a great school project for kids. I've actually "adopted" Stanley twice. Once when I was working for the local TV station, he was able to see a newscast produced and visit the control room! I'm not sure which visit he liked better. At least at the farm we "fed" him homemade apple pie.

Oh there were concerts... something I actually rarely do. But, Dear Hubby's favorite country gal (always a blonde) is Carrie Underwood so we went to see her perform. Great show! Then we went to see Stephen Curtis Chapman. I was completely impressed with his concert. If you ever get a chance, you will be inspired by his music. It's a must see. Then most recently, we saw Billy Joel in concert. Awesome! He never disappoints. His music is TIMELESS.

A couple of times I even attempted giveaways....which I really had a lot of fun with. I hope you did, too!

Then I took a big risk and decided to open my own virtual antique shop, Bella Rosa Antiques. We have an antique booth and I've always sold in online auctions, but this was going to be a new venture. I'm still in the early stages, but I have no regrets. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I am still learning how to be a better "entrepreneur."

Then my Stepson graduated high school and left right away for bootcamp. I don't think we were prepared for the abruptness of his departure. I'm not sure he was either. We are all currently writing back and forth and keeping up with his time there. So far, he is doing well!

I always know when warm weather is near. I get the urge to make potato salad. This could be my official kick off to summer. And, I also thought it made a great blog post. I hope you enjoyed it, too.
That and impromptu ice cream stops. I love love love ice cream in the summer. Who doesn't?

Don't forget the infamous "Bunny News Update." We haven't seen the babies ...they could be so grown by now we don't even recognize them. But Mama bunny (Dear Hubs nicknamed her Henrietta) still makes her appearance.

And what year would not be complete for antiquers like ourselves without a few yard sales? This is my hubby's favorite hobby. I know he'd like to think it was hunting or camping....but secretly between you and is THIS. He can sniff one out like animals can smell a storm brewing. And he can't drive on by. He HAS TO STOP. Luckily he finds some neat things...or else I'd have gone crazy by now. Or have I????

Either way, it has been a great year. I've learned a lot about blogs, met WONDERFUL friends, and wouldn't want to give up my blog any time soon. Here's to another year, new adventures, and lots of fun.

Take the journey with me...I'd love for you to come along!


Michelle said...

Happy anniversary! I love the look back and I remember most all of it, quite fondly. It is an amazing journey and I'm so happy to have met you along my blog adventure, to have won a giveaway, but most importantly, to call you a friend.


P.S. You are so cute and take a great photo!

Oliver Rain said...

Happy anniversary dear Jillian. I count you among my favourite blogs & a new special friend...and Javier thinks you are my cutest commenter! Is that creepy? I hope not. What a wonderful year you've had and I look forward to reading about your adventures for a long time to come!

The Pink Potpourri said...

wow! i feel up to speed now! congratulations on your one year anniversary of your wonderful blog. i enjoyed getting to read this post, and look forward to visiting back frequently!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Happy Anniversary Jillian! I have enjoyed getting to know you this past year. Here is to many more wonderful blog years in your future.

Jen r. said...

Congrats on your one year blogiversary!!!! That is so cool! I LOVe you in that hat, you are so cute! Jen R

Ms.Daisy said...

Happy Anniversary, Jillian! You made it to 100 and then on to your one year anniversary...I'm glad to have made the journey with you and thank you for your encouragement and help getting me started on my blogging adventure. Thanks for the look back - you took some great photos along the way!

Ms. Daisy

dana said...

Ah, what a terrific year you have had, Ms Jillian! I am so thrilled that you chose to share it with us in the form of an overview of the time since you started your blog! I certainly enjoyed reading every bit of it----Congrats for reaching this milestone.

Your birthday held lots of sweet surprises---have you had a chance to hit the shops yet and add to your wardrobe? That'll be fun.

Again congrats and best wishes for a zillion more posts!!


PS I'm keeping your stepson in my prayers.

Natasha Burns said...

Happy one year bloggiversary Jillian! What a fun year and I really enjoyed catching up on it all in one post! Your photos are lovely, especially in Maine. Hopefully you can get up there next year, maybe in the "family camper", lol!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Isn't it amazing how much God changes us and the healings that He brings in a short time?! Congrats on 1 year!! Blessings.. Polly

Connie said...

You look like a little pixie, sweet miss jillian!! My goodness, isn't it wonderful to be blogging for a year? I think so. It's been a year since I started and just love it. Lovin' th' journey, too!! ;-)

Son at Boot Camp???? What did he join??? You give that "hero man" a big smooch from me for being a MAN!! My heart is with him and I salute him for helping to preserve my freedoms....

Happy blogaversary, little pixie chick,

小泽 a.k.a. DSvT said...

Happy blogoversary!
Life beside the edge

Joanne Kennedy said...

What a great post. Happy Anniversary. It was fun taking a look back. You made me smile with your memories. Thanks.


Heidi said...

Congratulations on a wonderful year--may there be many more! I'm glad I found your blog. :)

Darlene said...

I hopped over here from My Little Cottage in the Making and have enjoyed reading about your year blogging. Congratulations on a year!! I am new to it (started in late June) but absolutely LOVE it. What a fun way to look back at all your memories!

Pat said...

I know I'm really really late on this but HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY JILLIAN! This was such a nice restrospective of your blog. I've enjoyed many of your past posts and hope to enjoy many of your future ones!

Hugs, Pat